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Thy're such derps. i wish I could go into the adventures they had that paved the way to their bff-edness but sadly, I don't have the time ;__; so yeah, quick overview of their relationship! Actual plot in ch 2 so yeah LOL

Edit: This is the sickly Rain narrating btw! Just reminding that everytime there's a red thingy, she's recording with her camera xD
Sorry if the pace is going so fast guys! D: I just want to get ch. 1 introductions out of the way orz so yeah my comics will probably look like this from now on o-o until i finish ch 1 anyway. I'll probably go back to colored for ch 2~
A more mature Rain as thanks for the 100+ fans! ;U;

Also, to keep on par with the story, I decided to do black and white pages for most of ch. 1 x: however! (for the people who really liked the colored pages) I'll be coloring the pages that have character introductions or simply just pages that are important! Thennn when i get to ch. 2, I'll try to make most of it colored ;u;

I'll 2 b/w pages every saturday~ Since i'm usually busy on the weekdays @_@
Idk if polls are available on this site so i'm just going to ask this way Dx

Would you guys rather for me to:
1.) Make the pages remain colored (however that'll most likely leave me to update only on the weekends since school started last week D: )
2.) Make the pages black and white (so that i can adhere to my shedule of updates on Tuesday, Friday and Saturday)

It would help if you guys can vote as soon as possible ;u;
Sorry for the delay in the upload! Dx My PS trial ran out so i had no way to put in text and stuff @_@ So I tried downloading another trial but that took quite a bit of time 'cause my comp sucks e.e

Anyway though, sorry for the change in pace @_@ I sorta want to get through ch. 1 a bit quicker 'cause most of the exciting stuff happens on ch. 2 (ch. 1 is mostly intros of the people crucial in Rain's story so yeah)
Thanks! *__* Lol that's a lovely variation of the name! xD I wanted her name like this for silly puns and sad, lame metaphors though xD
eeee thank you ;U; <3
Rain why are you such a derp D:
eeeee <3 I really like this style of comic-ing ;u; I like the monotone coloring and the way the panels are panned out~
will go on my regular sched once school starts :U (which is Tues, Fri, and Sat). Since it's still vacation, I'll try to update as much as I can!
yeah from here on out the pages will look something like this :B just semi-colored 'cause full colored is too time consuming e.e

EDIT: the bubbles with the red thing indicates that the narration is by her recording self
quality pagesss due today or on friday!
Quality pages from here on out! Well after the filler anyway xD
yeup :B
pageeee 1! Sorry if it's sloppy :B once the intro is over, I'll actually make it quality art!
credits to my friend for the title O:
OMG Definitely Sir Russel/Chakin ;U; He's just so cute <3 I've always had this thing with tender-hearted, hot-blooded guys. Andand I just love your comic overall ;u; The sense of humor is priceless!
I dint know where else to reply sooo. LOL

'cause 'cause my comic is disgustingly shoujo and 'tis embarrassing to publicly tell anywhere else xD

@ appingo
Well, why hello there ;u;

and thanks! xD
@ PudgyFudge
LOL finally someone noticed it! xD