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Whoa whoa whoa, Charmader is dead?
"House of Mespirit"
I love it.
Don't do it Atty, a Rocket will turn and look right at you!
Dying in a church is never a good sign.
Of course they're always those battles that can't be avoided. Damn trainers looking right at the exit.
9 chapters and you still only got 4 badges... this is going to be a long story.
Welp, I just read this comic so far in one sitting and I must say I am impressed on this version of Pokemon that you've created. I hope to read more soon.
Squishy already has a trainer right?
So that Pokeball shouldn't work on him.
you used a super potion
get smacked to 2hp left
you use another super potion
get smacked to 2hp left again
rinse and repeat
just send out the Pikachu, it can take any ground type with anime physics
wait Plasma commanders?
i thought this was a platinum nuzlocke
words... words... WORDS :D
wow, do you have something against bug pokemon?
oh god, that smile on Groudon
you just know he's up to something
that's the worst synchronized throw i'v ever seen :)
now all the Ralts have to do is catch them then they can be the trainers