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I've followed your comic for years and I always love to read your story lines. They're all very real and easy to relate to. I'm a young woman and it really helped me in high school when I was coming to terms with my sexuality--but the reason I'm commenting today is about how amazing the coloring is. I'm looking at the comic for the second time and I'm noticing the subtle details--like this one. I'm amazed at the small red marks where the bruises are forming. It's a very upsetting situation, but the art is so beautiful.
Sorry it was late, everyone!
Haha, sorry I'm like...nine hours late...but I had work all day today and didn't finish it last night...Bad me! Sorry!
So today is my 21st birthday. Originally we had planned to go drinking at some really popular bars today and do karaoke, but our friend who was designated driver had a family emergency. (And I really hope everything turns out okay with her!) We could've gone to Pride Fest, but my boss scheduled me when I asked for off to go because he's a closet gay who hates people who are out. I can't take us to the bars because I'm the only one of my close friends with a freaking license who isn't busy this weekend. >< UGH! I know I can go to bars another time, but there aren't birthday deals if it isn't your birthday.../.\...sigh...I'm just really sad. Sorry for whining.
Yea! This is Sonata and Sunset! They've been friends since they were very little, unlike Kage and I, who they're based from. As usual. Because I have no other friends to make into cartoons and ponies! ;A; Haha, I'm lying, there are more-ponies that is. I don't really have any friends. They're all imaginary. Yes. I'm just typing because another figment is watching over my shoulder...he's really pretty. Buahaha.

ANYWAY!! I know some of you love ponies, some of you hate ponies, and some are indifferent...REGARDLESS! Good Question updates start June 12! ANNNND! My birthday is on the 8th, I turn 21! Wooo!
Hey! I know, not GQ yet, this is just going in the extras to appease a couple of people for now. If you don't like ponies, sorry, I love you at least!

Sunset Shimmer's special talent is her psychic ability. Of course, it was a premonition-type cutie mark and came in before the ability started-ha ha. I'm stupid. It was essentially a self-fulfilling vision this first time around...she's sort of a jerk and is jumping on poor little Sonata's piano. His piano, however, instead of being the harmless musical creature it's supposed to be has been transformed into a skateboard-death machine by Rally Gadget. Well, poop. Any Questions?
I needed something to post on here for an extra, in a couple days check back and look at a pony comic I'm doodling for my deviantART page! The character featured here is Sunset Shimmer, my pony.
Check out my dA page @Mimeoh by clicking
God damn it..
Okay! So this year my car's left front tire has been blown, his face has been chipped in a bank parking lot (it was a hit and run), he often is starved of gasoline because of money problems, and yesterday the shittiest part happened. I had slowed down and had my blinker on (and have a friend to back me up on this story) and a woman rear ended me, destroying my entire bumper. She almost drove away! She finally stopped after almost hitting me again and climbed out of her car. According to the girl who was with me, Cassie, when I got out of the car and went towards her I looked like I wanted blood so she jumped back in her car. I don't doubt that I would've slugged that stupid woman. Now I have a really lovely sore neck and Cassie is just sore everywhere.

Oh! My Car! He's my pet night fury, his name is Shuffles because he shuffles along the road instead of flying...hahaha....I'm a dork.
YEA! These'll happen every so often because I have ideas that I don't feel should be full blown comics...but I still want them shared. So introducing bonus comic 1! There aren't set schedules here, they just happen.
I actually created this and the last few comics to show you all that Kiba is not an idiot...Yep. And I really wanted Ren to break the fourth wall--however, I never intended him to climb out like he did. It just sort of happened...I should keep an eye on that...
Old Style...
Ren and Jethro have changed the most--mostly because I struggled with them most in the beginning. I'm much happier with Ren's current design. I thought he looked too much like Stewie Griffon in the beginning.
Okay! This is the last one I had finished by May 17 (Which is the day I posted a bunch of these by the way.) I have line arts and sketches and scripts until mid-September at least. Buahahahaha, updates! They'll happen! CONSISTENTLY!!! YEEEEESSSSSS
I'm not sure if Sal is an idiot or if he really doesn't understand things here on Earth. I'd like to think he'd been there for a while with Em and Ren and they explained at least SOMETHING to him.
Stupid Bosses
I actually thought about doing this. Don't you all love my ideas towards people I hate?
Hahaha, I actually drew and colored this back in the beginning of May. Let's hope I can keep everything going until at least the end of summer (It's actually a month before this premieres right now. I'M TALKING TO YOU FROM THE PAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAST).
It's begun again!
Actually, I drew this one before I started the reboot...ooops. Oh well. We actually had a set of alcohol related comics, but I wanted to move on. We'll get them some day. The new style actually starts on the NEXT comic. It's good to be back!
@DarkmasterN: This is my favorite comic out of the originals, I do too. XD Glad you like them! <3<3<3
@DarkmasterN: Glad you liked it! Yay single celled reproduction! 8F I'm such a nerd.