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i like:
cute things, jewelry, comics, music
you know the usual

i dislike:
eating food with a weird texture, stress.
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and they lived happily ever after.

Thanks for reading! it's a short one. :D
drip drip
the end of our hero. And we had only just met.
DUN DUN duuuhh
It's fine. I like seeing it transform though. c:

Charlie would like Lady Gaga
very cute :3 I really like the second panel. adorable. The blue text bubble is nice too. good jooobb!!!! <333
I read all of it. It's a very good revision! I love the quirky chibis and it made me laugh out loud at some points :D

Only constructive criticism i can give is that your dialogue is hard to read at time when you hand write it.

I love that you just made Mokoto flaming hahah it works very well. c:
hey i use to read your comic when I was little! I thought you discontinued it...I even drew you a fanart.
peter is so cute.
GARRR i wish my teachers were as crazy..well they sorta are but whatever.


i love peter's face in the last panel C:
enter: bitch face
but i still love him.
yay! thats areally pretty picture of lauren
MOAR. :3 i really love this comic.
lol. I think thats true