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Esther Quesada, also known as Raygirl13 (mainly on DeviantArt), is an artist, teacher, translator (English, Spanish, French and Catalan), writer, and a hopeless daydreamer.
@Thisguy: XD Maybe I give too much information in the tittles...
I agree.
@Thisguy: You're right. This part was a little dark, even for me, but the point is he was going to die anyway. It was his time. If he hadn't given up, he would have suffered even more. She did what she thought was the best in this case. It's not always easy to do "the right thing" ;)
@Thisguy: That made me laugh. Brad is maybe one of the few characters that might not look important, but I wouldn't want the story to go on without him. He does have something to contribute in for the story though.
@Thisguy: I hope it does. :D
@Thisguy: But of course! Everybody should have it I believe. In fact, he wouldn't be there if it wasn't for his past. ;)
Got it!
@Thisguy: Thanks for telling me! Now, you should be able to see it. I uploaded the new page and didn't remember to change the url. :)
Page 210
Well… that is a scary vision. O.o (Sorry for the late update. I was gone for three days as a present for my birthday and I could't update it in time). Next week, new page! :)
Page 210
And this is why you shouldn’t open your door so early in the morning. Last page of Chapter 9!

IMPORTANT NOTE: So many things happened to me in the last month that I have to take a pause of the comic (I haven’t finished any more pages yet) and I also have to get chapter 10 ready to begin, so… as said, I’m going to take some weeks off Hell and Heaven. But don’t worry, I’ll be back, probably end September, beginning October.
Okay Maya... Rule number three!
Page 209
Hi everybody! Sorry about the lack of update last week. Some things happened in my life two weeks ago and it's been really difficult for me to get back to my usual life. I wasn't in the mood back then to do anything and I forced myself to keep going, but it's been a little Hell lately. I even felt ill because of it. Now, I'm a little better and I hope to get some emotional rest as days go by.

For now, here's last week's update. Have a nice weekend!
To Kingkomodo
Let me be that person. There's nothing to correct. In fact, "chica" simply means "girl". Depending on the country, you could also say "muchacha", but both are correct. And the sentence "Es español" is perfectly correct. And yes, soy española. ;)
Page 208
Don’t think too much, kid. It’s not good for you.

Have a nice weekend! 😀
Page 207
I never watch the news because they only talk about disasters, but she does.

Have a great weekend! 😀
Page 206
I know I got Esther’s pose and expression right because I’ve been yawning since I started coloring the page. XD Gosh it’s contagious!

BTW, if you can't read the note on the fridge, it says this: Work again. Sorry. I'll come back at noon today, but I'll bring some sushi. I promise. Love you both.

That's dad's note.

Have a nice weekend! 😀
Page 205
Mr. I-messed-up needs a hug. My poor thing! Men can’t cry? Nonsense! He’s been about to die, for God’s sake! (no pun intended).

Have a great weekend! 😀
Page 203
Sorry for the delay. I thouht it was updated, but it seems I forgot to post it. So sorry!

On another note, I think I found a way to color backgrounds faster. Well, at least, I like the result in this page. 😉
And all the DIALOGUE is over! Yaaaaay! I’ll let her rest for now. She deserves it. XD
Have a great week! 😀
Page 204
Poor Arouise... always dealing with problems. I don't know how he can keep sane with so much stress.

Have a nce weekend! :D
@BananaUhl: You mean Adam, right? One of my personal favourite quotes in the series too :D
Page 206
I so want to finish this scene that I'm jumping in happiness knowing that next page is the last of it. And soon, Chapter 9 will be over!

Anyway, I want to see how our "little angel" deals with her new mission. Don't you? ;)

Have a nice weekend!
Oh yeah
@BananaUhl: She acts soooo rough... but deep inside, she has a weakness. ;)