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Esther Quesada, also known as Raygirl13 (mainly on DeviantArt), is an artist, teacher, translator (English, Spanish, French and Catalan), writer, and a hopeless daydreamer.
Page 205
Mr. I-messed-up needs a hug. My poor thing! Men can’t cry? Nonsense! He’s been about to die, for God’s sake! (no pun intended).

Have a great weekend! 😀
Page 203
Sorry for the delay. I thouht it was updated, but it seems I forgot to post it. So sorry!

On another note, I think I found a way to color backgrounds faster. Well, at least, I like the result in this page. 😉
And all the DIALOGUE is over! Yaaaaay! I’ll let her rest for now. She deserves it. XD
Have a great week! 😀
Page 204
Poor Arouise... always dealing with problems. I don't know how he can keep sane with so much stress.

Have a nce weekend! :D
@BananaUhl: You mean Adam, right? One of my personal favourite quotes in the series too :D
Page 206
I so want to finish this scene that I'm jumping in happiness knowing that next page is the last of it. And soon, Chapter 9 will be over!

Anyway, I want to see how our "little angel" deals with her new mission. Don't you? ;)

Have a nice weekend!
Oh yeah
@BananaUhl: She acts soooo rough... but deep inside, she has a weakness. ;)
Arashi... you son of a horse! :o
Well, well, well...
Well, I wasn't expecting Arashi to be somebody else (or so I think). Well brought!
Page 201
Gosh, I’m really taking the “keep text inside the margins” concept seriously. XD Anyway, she finally leaves her hair free! It’s been months. Sometimes I wonder about Grabriel’s true nature…
@BananaUhl: Hi! Thanks for the feedback. I'm not gonna lie either. Male bodies are one of my weaknesses when drawing. XD Ryan is supposed to be less muscled than Exodus, but I still have trouble to draw both. It's true that he looks like having boobies here ^^; Ops! Well, gotta improve sooner or later I hope. ^_^ Thanks a lot for your kind words too! I'm glad.
Thank you!
@BananaUhl: Thank you! It was hard for me to decide the final result. :D Glad I chose right.
Page 25
Remade page (if not completely new, because this sceen wasn’t here before) of Chapter 2! Enjoy!
Page 24
Remade page (if not completely new, because this sceen wasn’t here before) of Chapter 2! Enjoy!
Page 23
Remade page (if not completely new, because this sceen wasn’t here before) of Chapter 2! Enjoy!
Page 200
And there you go, the heart is a symbol representing Ryan’s humanity. 😉

Have a great weekend! 😀
Page 199
If it wasn't clear about the two dogs fighting for the same bone, here's a summary made in Gabriel. In my story, he and Lucifer used to be collegues, so he kind of know him a bit. Or he did.
Have a very nice weekend! :D
Page 198
What may that “more important” thing be?

Have a nice weekend! ;)
@summerstorm: Yeah, I was thinking the same. ;) She's just soooo naive!
Page 197
Gabriel is enjoying this, I’m sure.

Have a nice weekend!
Valentine's Day 2018
I don't really celebrate Valentine's Day because I consider that love has to be an everyday duty with your couples, not just a single day. However, I appreciate the chocolate traditon so I came up with these two sharing something I would like to see them do in the series. (Maybe someday in a special). For now, I wish you all a Happy Valentine's Day or whatever holiday you celebrate. Have fun!