Esther Quesada, also known as Raygirl13 (mainly on DeviantArt), is an artist, teacher, translator (English, Spanish, French and Catalan), writer, and a hopeless daydreamer.
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Page 184
Esther is scary when she’s angry. I wouldn’t do that if I was in Ryan’s place.
Hi dear. I just discovered that you had the same problem I did with Photobucket for your images on your smackjeeves site. I fixed that uploading the images to a google drive folder and reupdating all the images. It works quite well though the links are hyper long.

Hope this helps. And I'm waiting for your next update on the comic! ;) Cheers!
Page 183
This is what happens when you put your nose in other people’s bussiness. Esther won’t accept any excuses anymore.
Have a nice weekend! 😀
Chapter 9: The promise
Here we go! A new chapter coming soon!
I had a little fun trying to design a nice dress for Esther here but I should give it some more research. Now, whose kind hand must that be? 😉 We’ll have to find out but I let you guess. 😀
Have a great weekend!
Page 182
He was asking for it.
This is the last page of Chapter 8. Have a great weekend! 😀
Spanish quote...
Well, it IS an expression of annoyance... although it might be a little harsh. XD "Putada" is a strong word that everybody says, but if you look at its origin, "puta", means a prostitute. Other expressions could be, for example, "¡Menuda porquería!", "¡Qué rabia!", "¡Esto es un asco!", "¡Maldita sea!".

Depending on your intentions, you can choose. ;) "¡Maldita sea!" would probably be the more universal and less rude one for annoyance. Hope it helps! :D
Important note
Please, read the IMPORTANT NOTE to understand the change of style. I'm still remaking old pages. Thank you!
Page 181
Ryan and his monologue won’t go too far.
Have a great weekend! ?
Page 180
Life is cruel… more when you have a demon that doesn’t let you do your job. RIP Fran.
PS: I couldn’t help to make these two in such an unusual position *giggles*
Page 179
If I haven't used about 50 layers to color this page, I've used none. Gosh, it was rough! I'd love to have Ryan's power. Travelling would be so much easier... imagine not having to wait for the elevator or take any transport. I'd travel around the world and come home for dinner!
Have a great weekend! :D
Page 178
Guess who’s back? Yep! And just in time. Sorry, Fran…
Have a great weekend! ?
Page 177
The tour continues on the roof, where you'll soon appreciate a nice view of the city... and a giant horny snake about to comit a crime. Anyway, here's page 177!
Opsie doopsie!
Might be something like... "Ops, wasn't expecting that". XD

My poor thing! I guess that's how she got blind.
Page 176
My first try destroying a demon in a thousand pieces. Did it work?
Well, what’s done is done. One demon left. What will happen?
Page 175
This page was difficult. And that sword? A mess. No wonder I hate perspective sometimes. Anyway, I’m proud with the explosion and Esther’s poses. In the beginning, I hadn’t thought about using this kind of violence in the story, but I guess it’s necessary when fighting monsters like this. Running away is not an option.
I hope you’ll have a nice weekend.
Page 174
I still need to learn a lot about anatomy, poses and fights; not to mention how to draw monsters and use perspective. BUT I’m quite satisfied with what I did here. I love making those fire effects but they take quite long sometimes.
Thanks for reading!
Page 173
And voilà! The full dress with its wings and sword! I’m proud of Esther’s transformation. My little girl is growing up “snif”. :)
Page 172
I’ve been waiting for this page for a long time now. I’m quite proud with the design of the dress. What do you think?
Page 171
This one was rough. Finally some action!

How is it going so far, by the way? Do you like the snake demons or would you prefer something more... monstery?

Have a nice weekend!
Oh man, Fran… tailshot in 3… 2… 1…
Oh, and even if I’m a little late… Happy New Year 2017!