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Esther Quesada, also known as Raygirl13 (mainly on DeviantArt), is an artist, teacher, translator (English, Spanish, French and Catalan), writer, and a hopeless daydreamer.
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Page 192
Sweet determination, but there’s nothing worse for a parent than feeling his/her child might be in danger.
Have a nice weekend! 😀
Page 191
I still have to deep a little more about Esther’s promise to her mother, but I keep that moment for a certain part in the story.
Have a great weekend! 😀
Happy Halloween! 2017 and some info.
You didn't thought I had forgotten, do you? ;)
Happy Halloween everybody! Enjoy the holiday! Also, for those who celebrate other festivities, including "El Día de los muertos", "La Toussaint", "Todos los Santos/Tots Sants", "La Castanyada", etc.

And for those who doesn't know yet, you have a new upload on "Words for the Soul" on...
WEVBTOON: itle_no=121611

AND tomorrow I begin a new story, Majorette! It will also be on Tapastic, Webtoon and Becomics. I'll let you know this week where to find them if you can't see it.

Have a great time! :D
Page 190
It feels great to change to a warmer filter and I’ve been long waiting for this scene. It was about time to meet human daddy for a change. Reynaldo’s the name… but I’m not sure if I should change it. It sounds weird for the 50s in Spain (Time when he was born).
By the way… you might not recognize the little buddy on Esther’s pyjamas yet (I’d love to have one like that) but that’s Pipoh, one of Majorette’s characters, making a cameo. 😉 I couldn’t resist. "Majorette" is a new story I uploaded on Webtoon and Tapastic the 1st November, by the way.
Have a nice weekend! 😀
Page 189
Welcome home, honey. Want some tea before you start crying again?
By the way, do you see the house? I was FINALLY able to design it in 3D! I spent two days on it but it was worth it. I also found a nice way to draw scenes from “architect plans” that I made and I’m starting to love drawing backgrounds again… coloring isn’t so fun though. 😉 At least, we get out of the “blue” to something warmer.
Have a nice weekend! 😀
Page 188
I think somebody saw his life running in front of his eyes... I believe he will think twice before doing something as stupid as he did.

By the way, I've noticed an increase of followers for the past weeks. I don't know where do you come from, but thank you so much for reading the story and be interested in it! :D That means a lot to me!

If you're also on Tapastic or Webtoon, don't forget to subscribe please. I need all the possible followers. Thanks!

Anyway, have a great weekend! :D
Page 187
Ok, I went too far, didn’t I? This page was meant for drama mostly. I felt bad making this part go too fast. Have a nice weekend! 😀
I lost count
@summerstorm: Haha! Well, Ryan's been more the teaser, but she goes harder on the matter. She has a lot to lose... but probably not as much as him. ;)
Page 186
Little trick that some of my characters tend to use when fighting. Not always works but Ryan was caught off guard. Anyway… will she kill him? 😉 (Sorry for the late post!)
So true
@summerstorm: Hehe! He'll learn his lesson XD

Also, thank you very much for reading the story and for the comments! :D I appreciate your support! I will keep it up ;)
@summerstorm: He should, but he's an idiot sometimes. He talks too much too. ¬¬
Page 185
It was fun to play with perspective here, even if it’s not perfect. Anyway, the fight is getting to an end soon. I wonder who will win 😉
Have a nice weekend! 😀
Page 184
Esther is scary when she’s angry. I wouldn’t do that if I was in Ryan’s place.
Hi dear. I just discovered that you had the same problem I did with Photobucket for your images on your smackjeeves site. I fixed that uploading the images to a google drive folder and reupdating all the images. It works quite well though the links are hyper long.

Hope this helps. And I'm waiting for your next update on the comic! ;) Cheers!
Page 183
This is what happens when you put your nose in other people’s bussiness. Esther won’t accept any excuses anymore.
Have a nice weekend! 😀
Chapter 9: The promise
Here we go! A new chapter coming soon!
I had a little fun trying to design a nice dress for Esther here but I should give it some more research. Now, whose kind hand must that be? 😉 We’ll have to find out but I let you guess. 😀
Have a great weekend!
Page 182
He was asking for it.
This is the last page of Chapter 8. Have a great weekend! 😀
Spanish quote...
Well, it IS an expression of annoyance... although it might be a little harsh. XD "Putada" is a strong word that everybody says, but if you look at its origin, "puta", means a prostitute. Other expressions could be, for example, "¡Menuda porquería!", "¡Qué rabia!", "¡Esto es un asco!", "¡Maldita sea!".

Depending on your intentions, you can choose. ;) "¡Maldita sea!" would probably be the more universal and less rude one for annoyance. Hope it helps! :D
Important note
Please, read the IMPORTANT NOTE to understand the change of style. I'm still remaking old pages. Thank you!
Page 181
Ryan and his monologue won’t go too far.
Have a great weekend! ?