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Esther Quesada, also known as Raygirl13 (mainly on DeviantArt), is an artist, teacher, translator (English, Spanish, French and Catalan), writer, and a hopeless daydreamer.
Valentine's Day 2018
I don't really celebrate Valentine's Day because I consider that love has to be an everyday duty with your couples, not just a single day. However, I appreciate the chocolate traditon so I came up with these two sharing something I would like to see them do in the series. (Maybe someday in a special). For now, I wish you all a Happy Valentine's Day or whatever holiday you celebrate. Have fun!
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Well, Gabi… what a surprise. Guess that’s the reason why you’re the boss.

Have a nice weekend! 😀
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Now it’s time to speak with the boss. Can’t a girl be at peace in her own room?
Have a nice weekend! 😀
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That forehead kiss melted my heart. Well, time to go have some rest. See you later, dad… oh, hi bro!

Yep, here’s Alan, the youger child. He’s usually more cheerful I must say.

Have a great weekend! 😀
Thanks for reading!
@MercenaryX: and a Happy New Year! :D Thank you!
Merry Christmas 2017!
Just a little present for you if you want it. ;) I'm doing it some days before Christmas in case you want to print it to greet somebody. You can download the postcard for free on my Patreon, here:

Merry Christmas! (And Happy Hanukkah, Felices fiestas, Bones festes, Joyeux Noël, etc.) See you back in January! ;)
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Sorry for being late! I had a stressing week and I completely forgot certain things.

I love how these two interact. Such a touching father and daughter moment. TTwTT

Quick note: I’ll be making a pause for Christmas time and New Year, for family matters and stuff. I’ll come back on January 2018. I'll let you know.

Have great holidays everybody!
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Sweet determination, but there’s nothing worse for a parent than feeling his/her child might be in danger.
Have a nice weekend! 😀
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I still have to deep a little more about Esther’s promise to her mother, but I keep that moment for a certain part in the story.
Have a great weekend! 😀
Happy Halloween! 2017 and some info.
You didn't thought I had forgotten, do you? ;)
Happy Halloween everybody! Enjoy the holiday! Also, for those who celebrate other festivities, including "El Día de los muertos", "La Toussaint", "Todos los Santos/Tots Sants", "La Castanyada", etc.

And for those who doesn't know yet, you have a new upload on "Words for the Soul" on...
WEVBTOON: itle_no=121611

AND tomorrow I begin a new story, Majorette! It will also be on Tapastic, Webtoon and Becomics. I'll let you know this week where to find them if you can't see it.

Have a great time! :D
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It feels great to change to a warmer filter and I’ve been long waiting for this scene. It was about time to meet human daddy for a change. Reynaldo’s the name… but I’m not sure if I should change it. It sounds weird for the 50s in Spain (Time when he was born).
By the way… you might not recognize the little buddy on Esther’s pyjamas yet (I’d love to have one like that) but that’s Pipoh, one of Majorette’s characters, making a cameo. 😉 I couldn’t resist. "Majorette" is a new story I uploaded on Webtoon and Tapastic the 1st November, by the way.
Have a nice weekend! 😀
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Welcome home, honey. Want some tea before you start crying again?
By the way, do you see the house? I was FINALLY able to design it in 3D! I spent two days on it but it was worth it. I also found a nice way to draw scenes from “architect plans” that I made and I’m starting to love drawing backgrounds again… coloring isn’t so fun though. 😉 At least, we get out of the “blue” to something warmer.
Have a nice weekend! 😀
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I think somebody saw his life running in front of his eyes... I believe he will think twice before doing something as stupid as he did.

By the way, I've noticed an increase of followers for the past weeks. I don't know where do you come from, but thank you so much for reading the story and be interested in it! :D That means a lot to me!

If you're also on Tapastic or Webtoon, don't forget to subscribe please. I need all the possible followers. Thanks!

Anyway, have a great weekend! :D
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Ok, I went too far, didn’t I? This page was meant for drama mostly. I felt bad making this part go too fast. Have a nice weekend! 😀
I lost count
@summerstorm: Haha! Well, Ryan's been more the teaser, but she goes harder on the matter. She has a lot to lose... but probably not as much as him. ;)
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Little trick that some of my characters tend to use when fighting. Not always works but Ryan was caught off guard. Anyway… will she kill him? 😉 (Sorry for the late post!)
So true
@summerstorm: Hehe! He'll learn his lesson XD

Also, thank you very much for reading the story and for the comments! :D I appreciate your support! I will keep it up ;)
@summerstorm: He should, but he's an idiot sometimes. He talks too much too. ¬¬
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It was fun to play with perspective here, even if it’s not perfect. Anyway, the fight is getting to an end soon. I wonder who will win 😉
Have a nice weekend! 😀
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Esther is scary when she’s angry. I wouldn’t do that if I was in Ryan’s place.