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Sorry i left this account because of its Name so i made a new one:
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    Whatsit Toya
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This is a little thing i'm doing for you guys who aren't that good at making speech bubbles,not saying you can't.
Base was found on DeviantART Credit to the base maker.(I forgot the name -_-')
Hunter:HAHAHAHAHAHA!I'd rather be dead then wear that thing!
This is a story about the offsprings of Sonic,Shadow and Silver and they're daily life with action drama and PHOTOSHOP SPEECH BUBBLES!!!
No its not real......Unless you want it to be.....?
I just got a free Minecraft gift code from ´╗┐
nice how'd you do it?
Just wanted to post haven't do it in a while.and no body will care!!!*sniff*
forever alone...
@Night the fox13: its a prototype that Tails made during Sonic Adventure,he kinda modified it
This comic needs to be Faved. Great work! Keep em Coming!
@Night the fox13: it won't show but thanks anyway
Special Beam CANNO*SHOT*
@Night the fox13: This is so cool can't wait till it's finished.
Cool+how do you get that picture on your comment?
@opdisk225: Its a work in progress. I just had to post it here to do the rest of the work on my laptop.
@Knuckles:Why don't you go gold when you go super i mean Sonic,Shadow,Silver,Amy heck even Tails goes gold.So i Short
@Blumage16: i don't know should i end it or mxd?