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@MRZ: you my friend are an instigator...i like it ^^ DO IT ATTY STEAL IT!!!XD
I can't help
But think that kaito is doing this on purpose. The things he did are way to obvious for him to not notice. A person can't be that dense. Can they
This is great finally they kiss, but I kinda miss kaito and shuno.
Isn't there like a stranger in the house and he leaves, anyway it's so cute the game they're playing though two pillows does not make a helmet...I would knowXD
That's I said
Oh man is what I said when I saw the 2nd panel XD -A-😚😚😳😳😱😉
Should know better
I'm in my night math class and I should probably pay attention but eh it's boring. Congratulations on being more interesting than my calculus:)
You know
I thought you know was the brand name for the tissue for a second know for wiping
What's a bosozoku?
I feel like this is a test you must pass hades!!!!!
@Pharaoh Man: ahhhh i love your picture i was just finishing playing the game right now!!
Rally karol stop making fun of himXD and kaito's so cute
what software do you use to paint?
I'm first...on this page oh the false glory... and shuno keep going
Shuno's like I just found our game! XD
I was rereading this right now and when i got to this page i saw i was raining and i looked out side and it's raining here too we're in the middle of a thunder storm anyway it's cute how kaito snuggles into shuno
@PiNKCooKieS: after seeing your picture in some earlier comments and now i have the craving to see Gravitation againXD
what's with everyone thinking about a trio it's pokemon and in the last panel Atticus looks like he cares aww, i wonder if he's gonna call pikachu out
poor lady she must be really scared, i feel bad for her she married a cray husband. I like how scared you drew her.
Since Jack made up that thing about the magicians does that mean he made up that thing about the Fay thing, why didn't he want to kill her? So many questions so little time XD
it is so awesome! Eric you need to stop!!!