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AAHHH this is so sweet!!! Like I imagine Evets hasn't had anyone he could relate to like that. Probably super relieved like wow. CRY IT OUT EVETS AND FEEL BETTER BBY.
im dying someone help me my feels cant take this
Its so awesome to see this comic update again ^u^ I'm totally fine with sporadic updates, I mean.. I've been patiently waiting for it this long already XD So a little longer isn't gonna kill me. Its so worth the wait <3
Anyway!~ Welcome back and I hope you're doing well <33
This comic is not dead I swear!
I've just been a bad person and got distracted. uwu

I'll be honest and admit that I struggled to figure out how to make this page flow.. Partly why I took so long to finish it xwx; EXCUSES

The plan is to get back on track with this comic. Might be slow but I did want to post this page and let you guys know that I do plan to continue it. ; w ;
This tore me up.. We had our dog of nearly 18 years put down on Easter of 2014. I still miss her terribly ..
She went through a lot of similar things in the last few years of her life but the whole time, she seemed happy.

You did a beautiful job with this one. It was hard to read but very touching.

I like to think that all of our good dogs are somewhere living it up together..
@loserfish: Oh my gosh thank you thank you <3 You've no idea how amazing it feels hearing that from you!
I've been meaning to jump back on this for a while and I've finally had some time to do so. So hopefully some new pages will surface soon <33 thank you so much again ahh you're amazing.
Justin! You cool cat!

I bet it was surreal. I'd be in a constant state of disbelief XD

No no its okay! You don't have to be sorry! You're a very busy bee so take your time~ Updates are super slow atm but October was a freakishly busy month for me X'D I do plan on getting back to them though <3
@Jacob L: Aw thanks!

Oh my gosh! I remember you! I used to read your 1000 comic all the time. I was kinda sad to see you not update anymore but I'm super glad you're back and happy to hear you're doing so well~ Welcome back, Jacob~
@firekirby135: actually purple eyes are quite possible in the real world! So pink eyes don't seem too far from it

augh I meant to fix that but kept forgetting to! Thanks for pointing it out *goes to fix that*
Was a little late to posting this one but I've been busy with other things lately! This is all I have done for the time being. I do plan on doing more so please be patient with me ;w;
As stated before, I've been busy! Its a busy time of the year for me. I've got some events that I'm going to and I need to be completely prepared for them. Some are halloween based and others are conventions! SO I'm currently working on my costume (fursuit) to wear this year! I've made a lot of progress but there's still a lot left to do. So in the mean time this comic might be put on the back burner but I have not forgotten it!
Lots of love to you guys for checking it out. <3
okay yep, too impatient. I'm just gonna post the pages I have done. (Which is only one more after this one lol)

I had a particularly fun time drawing this page. I'm hoping everything is still flowing okay for you guys. Lemme know if something doesn't work out right and I'll fix it if I find necessary or keep it in mind for new pages <3
I'm all for hearing advice. I'm still very new to making comics so any bit of advice or help would be very much appreciated. :3
Dude I'm super in love with Coco's personality!! She's so nice about showing Nim what an Ecoversian is. She's not even show-offy about it!! She's just giving Nim the chance to learn and doesn't mind that she's geeking out about it XD
Can't wait to learn more about them myself and especially Coco X3
@firekirby135: That walk of shame is one of the worst things ever.
Never judge a book by its title ;3
I know I said I wouldn't start regular updates for a while but I'm just so anxious to get these pages out to you that I'm gonna go ahead and send out the next one. I stated that I'd like to post weekly but I'm not sure that'll happen? We'll just have to wait and see ^^
Its pretty awesome that you've been working at Nickelodeon! I grew up on that stuff in the 90s. Hope you gain tons of awesome experiences and new knowledges.

Its nice to see a new update and its very worth the wait :3 So no worries on your part for being busy. Life happens!

ALSO I know I said forever ago that I was working on a comic (idk if you remember) BUT I finally posted a few pages ;w; They're here on SJs if you ever want to check them out <3 But I understand if you're busy~ Just wanted to let you know.
@firekirby135: Yeah he mentioned you before saying you were helping him out with TPP stuff XD That's super sweet of you. x3 Aw no worries! I'm sure he doesn't mind. XD

Yeah, Mr. Roy can be loud when he's teaching. If he's not, the kids would drift off to sleep more easily. lol
LOL The nude one got me X'D It's awesome how clever ppl can get with something as simple as speech bubbles. I'll be sure to try and think of them more as part of the comic than just showing what's being said :3 That's good advice, dude!

Something I'm used to cuz Dark writes me books all the time when he goes full nerd mode -shot-
@firekirby135: XD

Scar? What scar? I don't see a scar. My hand slipped. (its a scar) //brick'd
Page 2! This page almost didn't get posted tonight cuz I actually dozed off watching a podcast! Whoops!

But here it is, like I promised <3
@firekirby135: ITS HIGH SCHOOL! ITS ALL BORING! //brick'd

Oh my gosh firekirby you always have such amazing things to say. <3

I appreciate that you analyze my work so thoroughly and go into detail of what makes it good and things that need work.

The poster itself was made by my good friend, Dark. I asked him to make it as a sort of gag. It doesn't fit because he drew it in MS Paint and I simply filled it in with some greys so that it wasn't just an outline. I did try to trace it but it took away from it somehow. I love the way he draws goofy faces and chars and he's a huge inspiration to me. He draws comics all the time and they're such a blast to read. I want to do it too and its thanks to him that I'm stepping up and doing this comic. I wanted a doofy poster in the room, I asked him for something quick and he said "Eh what the heck." and gave me that XD

I had a feeling the speech bubbles were kinda big but I had a lot of empty space to fill and I kinda wanted the focus to be on particular things in those first panels. I probably could've done it better though, yes. I will keep that in mind with future pages though and try to not use bubbles to fill in the empty space. It's good to know the pages fit well on the site though and that I chose a good sized canvas. It looks good on a larger desktop screen and an average sized laptop screen.

my gosh I wrote you a book. I'm sorry!! OTL
Thank you so much though for your input ;w; I'm always happy to hear what you have to say and I'll keep it in mind to help the newer pages to be better!