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Please excuse my....

Don't let the selfish haters get ya down! I'm still here ;)
I'm so glad you're okay after Maria!
I.....honestly had no idea he one arm until right now.
@Ash2004: Me toooooooo!
I much love for this page. It made me go back and reread the whole comic again.
My dearest Amanda,

I love you and miss you. Lots of kisses.

Love forever, me.
@Guest: IKR? I love Link's shit-eating grin.
Noooooo, I haaaate Taptastic. I'll do my best to read this on there, but I find the platform so clunky and difficult to use.
I keep re-reading this scene every time you post new pages to it, and seriously, it's probably my favorite thing you've given us. Such a good side to both of these characters.
January 28th, 2017
Kris is seriously my least favorite character in this story, haha.
Because I want every chapter to be written from my fav character's POV :P
Oh My
I promise I'm not crying, it's just my husband is cutting onions or something - yeah, that's it.
I'd buy both
You are officially one year closer to middle age.
I love how tense Wil is in panel 5.
First panel Atty is my favorite so far.
His blushing and awkward adorableness is just making me melt over here.
@JigokuNeko: T_T You're just the best. I'm so sad you won't be printing anymore, but I'll definitely buy ebooks!