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@Tehpikachu: I agree 100%! Masterfully done.
@PotatoTato: I'm lost too, Pot. It's been so long since we've seen these two, I can't remember what's going on in their story D:
January 10th, 2019
@sstogner1: And she called him Matt - I don't think she'd call her dad Matt. Maybe older brother? Or who knows - future soul mate.
@Riaya: That comment just made me laugh so freakin' hard.
Jane Austen festival!?!?!?!?

Don't mind me over here in my super jealous corner.

Having lost my mother the day after I turned 19 (14 years ago this year), I completely understand the whole trigger thing, especially when you least expect it.
Congratulations! I'm so happy this comic (the first one I read by you) got the ending it deserved ^_^
@KaiterSkate: I literally just noticed on tonight's page that everyone looks like cardboard cutouts now! I went back to when she lost her nose and that's when it happened! (Then I scrolled through the pages to see if anyone else noticed so I could be like SOLIDARITY!)
Blade - because I've missed him!!
April 6th, 2018
Yay, it's back!! Although this is such a sad update. Mixed feelings everywhere, haha.
I was like "I feel like I bought Chapter 1...did I? I better make sure..."

Two years ago :o I hadn't realized it'd been so long! Excited to get this one in my hands :D
@Hokova: Hahaha, yes please! :P
Please excuse my....

Don't let the selfish haters get ya down! I'm still here ;)
I'm so glad you're okay after Maria!
I.....honestly had no idea he one arm until right now.
@Ash2004: Me toooooooo!
I much love for this page. It made me go back and reread the whole comic again.
My dearest Amanda,

I love you and miss you. Lots of kisses.

Love forever, me.
@Guest: IKR? I love Link's shit-eating grin.