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I'm a 20 year old with the maturity and mind of a twelve year old. I've been drawing goofy comics since I could hold a pencil and I have finally decided to throw them on the internet.
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    Z. Del Rio
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Thanks for the nice comment. :D
But I don't use this site anymore, look at the GOOD site.
I love the fact that Smack Jeeves informs me whenever they post an add on my comic's comment section that I don't get any money for.
My facebook
Friend me if you want to talk.
New Paper!
George & Pin-Head got accepted into a new paper, the Forum!
And it's returned to the classic Black and White style!
Exclamation marks!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
This comic is REALLY late.
Sorry fellas :C
In my opinion, SOPA amounts to what Pin-Head is making in the water fountain.
Second Update!
All I have to say is it's the second update of this awesome comic! I am so happy to bring to you. Thanks for inviting George & Pin-Head into your weekly routine!!
Hardcore George and Pin-Head fans may notice the new look. It may be a big change but I believe it's for the best.
I know I have said this before, but this comic will be updated every week. I MEAN IT THIS TIME!!!
My new years resolution this year is to update this comic regularly.
Please be sure to check back next Friday for a new comic
and don't forget to tell your friends.
I used to trust top hats D:
It's only page 3 and the story and cool art have already completely engaged me in this comic's world!
I can't wait until page 4 is released.
This dog....
Does anyone ever feed him?
All dumb observations aside, I enjoy reading this comic.
The dog wants to eat the other dog?!?!?
Almost forgot, George & Pin-Head will now be in color.
Friday Updates!! :D
From this point on, I will be uploading a new G&Ph comic every Friday. Thank you everyone for your support, be sure to tell your friends!
Also, no I have not yet had the pleasure of owning portal 2 (or the original for that matter). I'm sure Pin-head will let me play on his steam account whenever he's done with it.
It's the best around, nobody will ever take it down
This is my all time favorite comic I have ever drawn. I still laugh at it to this day!!!
The one thing I can't draw
Drawing tears :
I'm doing it wrong.
I don't remember what the inspiration for this comic was. It may have been from the fact that when I think I am talking softly, I'm actually yelling at the top of my lungs. Go figure.
About the bowling ball...
I put those two on the bowling ball to show how tiny they really are. Also, bowling balls are awesome.
I remember when I drew this comic...
good times...
good times....
probably one of the ONLY good times in highschool!