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They're my favorite too. I'm so happy to be seeing Calli again!
In as few words as possible: Something stupid. Why? Because Nira can take care of herself! lol. I don't think she would have done that without a plan. Besides, she already did something. Look at the poison demon coughing!
I'm basing this off of my knowledge of their training and what we've seen so far in the story.

1.) Nira
2.) Xan
3.) Luna
4.) Riza
5.) Dae

I'm a little iffy on Dae and Riza. I think they're about tied, but they have the potential to become better fighters. Riza owe out because of her saving Dae before.
How about "Light 'Em Up" From Fall Out Boy? lol.

My money is on Xan just because I'm been dying to see what he can do since he's suppose to be really great Fire Mage for his age and I must admit, I'm already impressed with the little guy.
I actually tracked down the first time I posted because that's when I caught up to current at the time. I started reading DC during the summer of my Junior year in college. I'm getting ready to start Grad school now. I started reading a lot of webcomics then. I was lucky enough to have some down time then and I had run out of Manga to read (I haven't had that problem since then. lol), so I decided to branch out and try webcomics.
Well, like I said last time, Nira and Ade are my favorite couple now. I also ship Dae and Riza, but I wouldn't mind Faro and Riza either. I think that's all I have. Xan is still too much of a kid for me to think about him being with anyone yet. And there hasn't been anyone yet for Maya and Faro to be with (because I don't really like them as a couple. Then again, that might just be because I haven't seen them interact together much yet...)
I haven't commented in so long...

1.) Dae - because I'm a fangirl. lol. I really like that he has that nice sense of mystery around him. Even after all this time and we think we really know him and how he'll react to things. Sometimes he can still react or do something small and I'm like "And where is that coming from...?" And also the same ways that he's changed so far. He's starting to be more of a team player I think or else he would just give up on this crazy group of idiots. lol. I think I have more theories about what he is than I do about what the other Dreamers will be like.

2.) Nira - I love her character design! Half-elf, almost blind ninja girl, what's not to love?! Plus, I never thought that she would be as sassy as she can be. She comes off as really timid until she starts teasing the other characters. Plus her and Adrian have become my OTP for this comic (sorry Riza and Dae!).

3.) Riza - I have to get the actual main character in here somewhere. lol. The story wouldn't go anywhere without Riza. We would have a group of four if it was up to Luna (Riza, Luna, Maya, and Chico) because she never would have stuck her neck out for Dae and she would have kicked the rest of them to the curve before she learned to like them. lol. Riza is also a great source of humor. I love would set her and Xan free in a joke shop together or even better in Zanko's or Weasley Wizard Wheezes. lol.
August 1st, 2013
Feeling guilty
sooooo... I'm now feeling guilty for being pissed at Demeter for trying to "seduce" Hades earlier...
January 9th, 2013
Poor, poor Hermes! He always get stuck giving Hades bad news!
Luna is going to chase Featherscales, Chico, and Triv because they did something stupid?
Ummmm... if the we're talking about Riza, she had the power to annoy them into submission!!! lol. I don't know.

(is it just me or do Ade and Nira look really cute together?)
I LOVE THIS PAGE!!! I'm so glad you went ahead and told use the animals. I just wished you would have colored the dreamstones, even if you left the rest of the page black and white. *innocent smile*
Oh, yay! I was hoping that was Wes' foot! <3
Oh... my... Ummmmm.... Luna would be a very cranky Dreamer. lol. Riza would probably be all over wanting to find out what was going on and Luna would probably just want to hang around no do much. lol. So, Riza would still be dragging her around everywhere.
Is this what Metis wanted...?
Yay! I got one right! (aside from bad memory that is! :D)

I tell you that thing is... IT'S ADORABLE!!! But, seriously, I think it might be a sort of demon from Terrasuenia.
Ummm... My guess is that it's something to do with age (since Riza asked). Riza is 14. Maya is 16. Maya has been a Dreamer for 2 years. 16 - 14 = 2. lol. That's my best guess. :D
Oh, feel better! Hope it didn't ruin your trip!
Well, since the two Dreamers that we now know of have blue gems: Apatite? Benitoite? Beryl? Corundum? Tourmaline? Kyanite? Larimar? Sodalite?

Okay. I think I'm out of random blue stones... :D
Yup... I didn't notice the hair thing at all. lol.