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I absolutely hate drawing web comics.
...Sarcasm- get used to it :P
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lol its a rose. i get it.
"What's in a name? That which we call a rose By any other name would smell as sweet"
well, we call her june, and no, juliet, shes not sweet O.o
S0O EPIC!! the glowing color and...youre such a beast at drawing rain!
ooo! i love the added color on the necklace and eyes
wahhh nooo! im an ignorant reader that needs to be told how to feel and what to like/dislike. HOW ELSE CAN I STAND TO READ TWILIGHTTTT (heavfy sarcasm..)
are you trying to lead us to think one certain way by your mysterious, misleading comments? :P
"ping" is probably by far one of the funniest sound effects
theyre also teaching them how to spell incorrectly. ironic for an english major... :P i understand you hate math though :P
"past me" spoiled it for future me (me now). darnit. haha
in response to subtext: then what do they do to bald people? O.o
technically the first close up is of a magical landscape far away of nonspecific importance. bahaha
because someone else was already named BUGS
ha, im one to talk about being lazy, my characters are circles...
but now you have to add color. you just cant win being lazy :P
do the ro-bot whoop whoop
sad when the fate of the world as we know it rests on the shoulders of a girl who prefers tv to saving the world... O.o
this looks FANTASTIC on cpu. the vibrant colors, bubbles... oh you thought i was being sarcastic? :P
how ironic it would be if june was colorblind O.o
*no offense to people who are, in fact my friend is colorblind and she doesn't mind
poor bunny i guess haha nice. yeah wheres PETA and nature conservists?!
what a creepy guest they have over...what does he eat for dinner? souls with a side of death? haha