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Gone for over a year, but I'm back. No, I don't sprite anymore. No, I will not put the comics back up. DEAL with it. >:| I draw now.
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A filler I am putting up in all my comics to apologize for lack of updates.
......... 2 things.
I log on to smackjeeves for the first time in a while and I see this.
The first thing is, Happy birthday Ghost!
The second thing:....... Is that gray fox me?
Hex is another robot. I didn't make him, he joined Grayfang after the rebllion in Hive.

Hive is a folder in my brain's cabinet of unused comic ideas.
*Stares at drawing of me*
Can you give me the link where you got the Gundam sprites?
Hello, this is my intro as you can see.
I'm working on my introductory right now.
August 13th, 2007
SuperComputer maybe?

Also, Alex M's idea for the desktop is cool! I vote for that!
The previous comic is fixed
Weird. I can't see either. Something is wrong with the homepage of Smackjeeves also.
All I can say is that you had this coming to you.
hmmmm. A lot of other people claim to have something to do with this. But after I made the iGone thing, everyone started doing it. Maybe the person at the university comic saw mine, or it was a big coincidence.

....And I'm not a ninja. I'm a swordsfox.
I started the ipod crave.
Hey, I tried to post my sprites in the sprites section, but it doesn't work when I click on the link. This is the link:
Can someone fix it?
You all forgot about me? You guys suck.

.... No but seriously, I'm here now. I'm getting new sprites soon, and now I'm a babysitter too. And as soon as my brother finishes his sprites, he'se going to join the babysat.
Delete this off your favorites, here's the link to the new one!

I don't care if you read it or not, just thought you should know.