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My artwork is influenced by a mixture of manga and American comics.
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Glad to see you back! Also just how many stabbings have happened there in those alleys??
I think the proper response would be to tell those family members to fuck off and that you can go wherever the hell you damn well please haha

Though I'm sure that's more of a Lala response than Cyrus hehe
No! His phone! Those aren't cheap!!
@Valalaraptor: Oh! haha I saw the spiky top and immediately went to pineapple, but now that you say it, yeah, pomegranate makes more sense.
;;^ w ^
Pretty sure she like, almost killed a guy in front of you, dude. ;3
Kind of silly to be asking a demon to cover her eyes ;P

(also, I see that pineapple lol)
Ahhhh, so that's what that pattern was on the previous page. Hahaha~
Went through and reread all the previous pages, so now everything is refreshed. Looks like someone has a little secret though~
Haha~ Redemption is back up and running! Sorry about the long hiatus after Chapter 1. Hopefully if there is one before Chapter 3, it won't be as long. Fingers crossed!
my my~~ what a lovely mouth they got there~
Hey there! So this is the end of Chapter 1, and, unfortunately, Redemption is going on a little hiatus. Right now I’m busy getting ready for some cons (hopefully next year will be smoother as I get used to this), but after that I’ll be back to working on Chapter 2. A new enemy is going to get introduced there as Maya and Youjirou find themselves in a tight spot.

Don’t play around in abandoned buildings, kids. You could end up in a giant monster nest.
a pool of blood is always a good sign ;3
Chapter 1 finally starts this week! I’m excited to share this one with you, however, unlike before, now the comic will only update ONCE a week. That’s right! Instead of ever Tuesday and Thursday, Redemption now only updates on Tuesday. We’re both working full-time jobs, so we kind of need more time to work on the pages~

So, here’s to a new chapter!!
Hey there!! The introduction is finally over, meaning the real story is about to start! That also means dialogue!!

Chapter 1 will be starting next week and will follow a different update schedule. We are moving it to just one page a week for our sanity~ Redemption will now only be updating every Tuesday.

Thank you!
@LuckyMouse888: TT w TT Thank yooou!! *hugs*
July 6th, 2016
@Mase42sam2: Well, the next page will be out eventually. Right now I've estimated in about 2 years. You can always check out my other webcomic, Redemption, in the meantime~
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