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My artwork is influenced by a mixture of manga and American comics.
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    Veronica Kathryn
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Awwwww sulky hehe
What?! You don't like green?! I feel like Lala here haha (also trains are neat).
They should clean up now and then. Could trip over one of those. that yap yap thing? It's cute haha~
Hm, yeah, I love Pon.
O - O

1: You should be proud!
2: I....damn, that's cold.
Maybe I should go back and reread some stuff but, ha, just what is Pon trying to accomplish?
Ooooooooooooo *wiggles fingers*
Haha Lala, you're just plain terrible. I love her~
Still giggling over "lame-ass wolverine"
Glad to see you back! Also just how many stabbings have happened there in those alleys??
I think the proper response would be to tell those family members to fuck off and that you can go wherever the hell you damn well please haha

Though I'm sure that's more of a Lala response than Cyrus hehe
No! His phone! Those aren't cheap!!
@Valalaraptor: Oh! haha I saw the spiky top and immediately went to pineapple, but now that you say it, yeah, pomegranate makes more sense.
;;^ w ^
Pretty sure she like, almost killed a guy in front of you, dude. ;3
Kind of silly to be asking a demon to cover her eyes ;P

(also, I see that pineapple lol)