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Hmm, about me....? I love to draw, and i'm trying out my new tablet and manga studios. I have yet to try photoshop...we'll see.

I love fantasy books, anime, um...swimming, camping. All sorts of fun stuff. Died my hair black and red, whoot. Need a few more piercings to go with. Hmmm.....
January 8th, 2012
I've been waiting all day to comment, just because I don't want to sound like a mean-spirited jerk. I love this comic. I'm a lurker...I almost never comment. I just have too much crap going on, that i often read the page when it pops up, and get on with what I need to do.

I would look at your 400 favorites, and know you have a huge fan base, whether we all comment or not. And mostly, no comments only means you're doing something right, especially with such a popular comic like this. You wouldn't want the whole entirety of your fans to comment with the same redundant stuff over and over, and over again. It would just get boring. That's why most of us choose to stay quiet. We don't have any good critique to offer, because you do such a good job.

So, if you're going to quit, do it because you have no time. I completely understand that. Don't do it because of the lack of comments. :)

Ps: I really, really hope you change your mind when you see how this comment board has blown up. But if you don't, it was a good run. And Hopefully you can explain a few things before taking it down!~
December 23rd, 2011
I don't think he cut his hair yet....but maybe going to a hair salon to get it done? I know I would make mincemeat of my hair if I tried to cut it XD
Poor, poor Val, ahaha. I promised a comment a page, but things are too hectic, so i'll settle for one every now and then to show my support!~ Good luck with the pen, and i hope it works long enough for another page tomorrow!~
Traditional quality isn't a bad thing!~ You do very good ^__^ I'm excited for this month. Also Abel...oh
The babysitter comment has definately taken a turn, haha. Good luck!~
Dude, i will come out of the lurker woodwork to comment on every one of those pages if you can keep up with it ^__^ I would be so pumped to read a whole months worth of DoMES!~
Haha, i'm glad you had it planned then!~ <3 Either way, I love it, and I love the story. Can't wait to see how it all pans out!
Yeah, there are plenty of stories and such were the seme is shorter. I don't think it's a matter of height really. Liam still acts the "Uke" though it shouldn't really matter who tops or bottoms.......Ed just acts more dominant that Liam is. He's still so.....Liam <3

I haven't commented in awhile. i just got the feeling you were trying to satisfy your fan base when they called for Liam to be Seme, and it really shouldn't matter. The story is good no matter what. We just want them together Xb
Love the pic, glad you're back ^_~
Got it!!~
Okay, in reference to my above post, here's what you need to do:

Go to Control Panel > User Accounts

There will be an option at the bottom that says >Turn User Account Control On or Off<, click on it

Click the box to turn it off, and then hit okay. It will prompt you to restart your computer, do it. When your computer has restarted and is ack on, install Manga Studios. When you're done installing Manga Studios, turn UAC back on, by going back into control panel > User Accounts> UAC> and clicking the box to turn it back on. It protects your computer, and needs to be on. Let it restart again, and wah-lah!~ MS will work for ya <3
-hugs- Sorry for your trouble, but I have Vista, and Manga Studios is compatible with it, it just poses trouble for all of us un-computer savvy people XD. At first, my computer wouldn't take it, but I had a tech walk me through it. It's because Vista is set up with a securty system that won't allow something in Manga Studios to properly download, or something of the sort.

There is a way to go in and over ride your computer's security to make it work....I just didn't see it done since last year. Let me see if I can retrace the techs' steps....i'll post it on here if I can remember how to do it!~ <3
That's AMAZING! I've seen worse on here, so you should be pretty safe. But heavens @_@ Your style is amazing, and his expression is awesome! I love your shading. Great job mmmmmm ^__~
Of couse you need to upload XDD I just read this straight through and i'm hooked!~ +Faved!!~ I can't wait to read more, and good luck moving <3
Agreed, the coloring is just gorgeous <3 Whoot! Welcome back!
aww, poor Ak. T'was funny >3> But poor baby!~ XD
Lvely, fun page!~ Can't wait for more Cloe!~ <33
BTW! *cough* forgot to comment >.> Anyways, I like the anatomy, and the chibi's are to die for X33 soo kyute!~
awww, i'd love to finaly join a collaboration <3 How do we sign up? Just got my tablet, and I can't wait to use it!~ I'll be putting up a comic here soon, so you can see examples of my art if need be ^__~
September 27th, 2007
Haha, awesome! Way to go....too bad it wasn't Kaoru that did it T~T Ah well, Hizumi totally had it coming <3

Though he did seem a bit sorry? I dunno >.>