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June 12th, 2013
Having read the original up to where it stopped, this line has a whole new meaning to me. xD
That is, of course, if the runner up is still alive (undead?...)

It's a shame that a large amount of contestants don't have taste buds.
You can see where it was going, right? I was so looking forward to it before the renovations xD
Is it me, or does George look pretty nice without her hat on?
Either way, there's always that mysterious type, isn't there?
@Kispryn: In early programming, 8-digit binary was used to count, and with such, only numbers up to 255 were possible.
It worked with 1s and 0s for each digit, 1 meaning on and 0 meaning off.
First digit: Equal to 128 if on
Second: 64 if on
Third: 32
Fourth 16
Fifth: 8
Sixth: 4
Seventh: 2
Eighth: 1
Any combination of these would result in a number 0 - 255, 0 if all are off, and 255 if all are on.
@Pervy: Only been said about 20 times..
I'ma guess Woman's intuition.
September 27th, 2012
@kurik: What about Surf? I always found that as an above-decent attack. (95 power 100 accuracy? Better than most.)
August 31st, 2012
@archiloquy: IT'S TONY HAWK!

..That joke works too well actually...
August 10th, 2012
...What's the other word?! D:
Hmm, why name George, George anyway? It isn't a girl's name, is it?

..cause you made me think she was a guy for a while, even though i know it kept reading "her"..
But... MELODY! How?! ..How can you forget the awesomeness of that egg?!
He's so cheap cause he's easier to "get" -coughcough-
Heh.. the only inaccuracy that keeps on coming up in this is that, in the real myth, Persephone didn't want to marry Hades and Hades bound her to the underworld against her will by feeding her the fruit of the dead. Other than that, nice work :P
A rainbow appears when the sky is happy, it rains when the sky is sad,
however when it gets mad,
it's rain turns to a storm.