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i hate rap.
i like comics.
i make comics.
i suck balls at drawing.
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You forgot the ™ in Sperm Saga™, "The saga with jizz in it."
Jpegs are evil... remember that.
I blame his coffee addiction.
He will suck! Like a Fish!
So I was like, HAH, you fell!
August 22nd, 2012
That was a good one.
Get back to work! I demand more!
Hi. Bye. Stones. Vote at Yeah.
Failure is everywhere.

This inking job turned out a lot better then the previous page. I wonder why...
Sorry about not updating for so long, i'm lazy and stupid. Have a page.

This inking job was terrible. It was done on gimp, via my new laptop.
Let's count how many moves blakki knows... screw it, I'm too lazy.
Holy Crap School
I kind of see the resemblence... kind of...
Ah, gotsumon. Mine in digimon world
DS raped everything.
"That's a nice mega digimon you have. Oh? You killed Togemon and Ikakumon? Those were the losers."
Now I wait. Wait, for spoilers!
I thought that was naruto. I don't even like naruto. Kill me. With pretzels.
Oh hi sil--I mean Gara.
@blizzard: Fuck that shit. Farfetch'd is awesome. Besides, ALL bird pokemon are weak. (staraptor and dodrio are OK, but still weak.)