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nothing much just some guy who likes to draw...

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I knw i haven't been posting like i use to and its been months since i last posted so most of you are probably gone but for though who are still here im letting you know that im NOT ABANDONING THIS PAGE. Yes I still want to keep posting comics on here of my adventurers. So why I stopped?
Well one, this comic was used as an outlet while I was wasn't working on other projects.
And two, Im currently working on another comic projects now. Working on a pilot episode to hook people in. if you wish to see that work in progress meet me at one of my websites.

hopefully ill post another page soon. Stay safe and good day. X3
I just finished watch One Punch Man season 1, And I cant believe it took me so long to finally watch it. but Im glade I did. I f**king love this show and I cant wait to see season 2. For people who know me know im not someone who doesn't likes to binge watch or who likes to go see movies back to back all the time, mostly cus it feels like I can be doing something else in that extra time. But im glade i binge watch One Punch Man. So what next? well I guess I should start watching Rick and Morty season 3 seance it finally came in the mail.

Also my work schedule is back to normal so hopefully I can draw more and do more comics, its been about 3 mouth seance i did a Crappy Comic.
well i hope to hear from you all soon...
This is a feud i’ve been having with my family for years now.
Kind of ironic that the day i was going to draw this i came home to find out my house was infested with bees. Iv also been sick lately due to pollen allergy, the damn tree outside started blooming 4 days ago.
just a quickie today
Im not good in social situation like party's.
I might tell some story's of what happen when i worked in a comic store.
I RELAY need to see a dentist soon.
My goals for 2018.
it didn't happen this year so im hoping it goes well next year. i did a Facebook random generator thingys and it said that ill finish the year more handsome and muscles and this popes in my head.
sorry that i haven't been uploading comics lately.
What i did at work today.
Drew this in art therapy. my therapist won’t talk to me anymore. JK im hoping to get a new comic out soon. this comic WILL live on.
we have a Facebook page now
i find it funny sometime of how people depict themselves in illustration. nothing wrong with that i mean hell i depict myself as a kinda cute cartoon fox even though every time i look in the mirror i HATE what i see staring back at me… when i was a younger i wanted to give my persona powers of some sort and i think i went with something i called a tech mage (i dont know if this was a thing) like the ability to summon tech, like guns and tools if i memorized the mechanics witch also required a lot of focus. my persona also was thinner too, but i ganged weight and i thought so should my foxy… what about sexiness? well ladys, i been told that i can be quite sexy >w> … at times…. when my crippling anxiety doesn’t hold me back… lol
I been reading George Orwell's book called 1984, and so far i love it. but it is kinda spooky when you start drawing parallels from the book and real life. especially since the book was written in 1949. the idea that's your being constantly watched, not being able to trust anyone, and that your thoughts and believes may not your own. but i really love it, it really is taking me for a thrill ride. please NO spoilers in the comments and dont forget
"big brother is watching you."

p.s. i think Dr jekyll and Mr hyde is my next read.
I haven't made a crappy comic in over a mouth since the con ended. well its time to get back into doing these again but i want to try polishing the style a bit and maybe do more life story's, like when i was a i think 3 or 4 i use to escape from the house by myself. even so far as learning how to unhinged the safety locks and tack i knife to the screen door.
@triforce fandom: that would me nice thank you X3
Old art in a box
I found a box of my old art and i cringed.
people are playing the new horror game "Bendy and the ink machine" and it reminded me the time i drew my avatar as a 1930 cartoon so i wanted to draw it again.