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December 4th, 2012
@Kikaharu: I will...eventually.
One more page after the hiatus. Not sure when the next update will be, a lot going on in my personal life.
Somewhat continues...
Welp, here's a new page after quite some time. This page is a bit awkward since half of it was done half a year ago. Oh well, at least the comic finally continues. Though I cannot promise regular updates since I'll be busy with work. But I'll try.
Because I'm an Asshole.
Well it's a bit weird to put up a notice after all this time but I guess I should tell you what's going on. Initially, the break got dragged out because I had some serious personal problems I had to deal with. Then university work started and there was little time to draw. I was planning to get back to drawing this comic when the spring semester started but the new semester is even more fucked up than the last one, especially since I'm graduating this year (also, there are no lectures during which I could draw, like I previously did XD). So to put it briefly, it's unlikely that Ray-Ray will get updated until summer starts since I'll be quite busy. Also, I need to remember what the story is all about. I should've wrote that shit down.

I really do apologise to all the people that support this comic and I really hope I can finish it some day. And thank you for giving me love even in my absence. I really do appreciate it.
Happy Place
I've always wanted to draw a happy place scene :)
Well, for someone who's supposed to be on a break I sure do upload a lot XD

Though this time it's definitely going to be a while before the next update. My laptop is (sort of) haunted, I brought it to a shop to fix it over the weekend (nothing else to do without my laptop so I was drawing the comic, hence the update) but the problem is environmental, which means that I'm more or less unable to use it for drawing at home and it's unlikely to get fixed till school starts. Moreover, I sorta need to rethink how the story goes from this point on :D

Also, I've screwed up every single face on this page...meh...
I can't believe I receive so much love <3 Thank you people!

@ Bliss41 and EIQGOT/Sanchu: D'aww, I appreciate the love, I really do :> However, some sort of break is inevitable. For one thing, I'm getting close to the part of the story that I haven't really thought trough yet (I was too lazy to write a script or some sort of outline for Ray-Ray XD), so I kinda need to figure out how the story progresses from this point. And one more reason came up recently - computer problems. My laptop's broken (sort of) and so I still need to figure out how to make everything work properly and I'm not sure how long it's gonna take. Well anyway, when I said I'd take a break I didn't mean I'd take months or years off. Considering how random my updates are, this might as well end up as just another irregular update of mine :D
Ray is short-tempered XD

This update doesn't mean that the break is over, it just bothered me how the last page ended so here's one more page to continue that train of thought.

Also, in order not to abandon Ray<-->Ray completely in the meanwhile, I've decided to commit to drawing a panel a day. So far I haven't been very successful in meeting this quota, but now that I've left this comment here, I hope I can find some sense of responsibility in me XD
Experimenting; Taking a Break and a Question
I wanted to try out doing the lineart for once, since the scanner I'm currently stuck with does a really lousy job. So I wanted to see if doing the lineart would actually take more time then cleaning the shitty scan (plus, this time I would've had to redraw half of it anyways). Can't promise that the future pages will be in better quality since I simply lack the willpower XD

Also, I'm taking a break from Ray<-->Ray for a while. I'm in an art block or something so I figured I'd do something else for a while to get my groove back. Maybe a sketch trade back at dA or something. This doesn't mean that it'll be forever till I get back since I want to be done with the most of Ray<-->Ray by the end of the summer.

And a question. Would you rather I update this comic in small parts of 2-3 pages (but in more or less finished episodes like I did until now) or in single pages as soon as I get one out (but the train of thought ends somewhere in the middle like in this page)?
Smack Jeeves isn't very convenient when you want to reply to someone XD Still, thank you everybody for all the love, ILU people <3

@ fucking.spring & *milk+assassin*: small world XD plius, aš nelabai aktyvi SJ :D
@ frostedwaffle & glueckskeks: fish sweater is unlikely to be clean since he was wearing it at the very beginning (and he's not very fond of cleanliness XD)
@ juujuub: yeah, this comic is very sloppy XD though thanks for reading it anyway :D
Another typo. Damn I'm useless.

Sorry for the late update. I didn't have a proper access to the Internet for the past two weeks. These two pages are kinda sloppy 'cause I didn't really feel like drawing... so I just kinda forced them out... meh...

Also, in case it's hard to read, that shirt says 'butthole'.
I've just noticed the typo. Sorry about that.
I'm back
Well, the exam session is over so I can come back to drawing Ray-Ray. Can't promise regular releases though, I'll wait and see how it goes.

The background photo is from my personal stock (yeah, I'm lazy).
People brushes are from
Žinau orz

Draskiausi tarp tikroviško kūno ir karikatūriško, tai ir gavosi nesąmonė. Bet, patikėsi ar ne, čia dar šiek tiek numažinau moteriškumo, nei buvo iš pradžių... XD
Chapter Two launches
Well, this is all I've got for now.

Lot's of lectures got cancelled so the progress is slow.
Thank you and stuff you might want to know
First of all, thank you so much for reading Ray«-»Ray. I'm really incredibly excited to have this many fans and I appreciate every single one of you.

I know that I've pretty much dropped the comic here and didn't show any signs of being active afters, and that's why I'm writing this comment.

The second chapter is already in the process, however, I can't really promise regular updates. For those who don't know, I'm drawing this comic during lectures (the only free time I have) so the speed of drawing really depends on all kinds of stuff like the amount of notes I have to take (multitasking ftw) and whether lectures don't get cancelled. That's also partly the reason why my comic doesn't have a cover yet (also, I'm just being lazy).

That being said, I'm submitting this sloppy drawing of mini Raymond and Ray in attempt to figure out the colors I want to use on them (I don't really have properly colored pics of them yet).

As for future plans, I'll try to update this comic with 2-3 pages at a time and maybe I'll try to add some quality in it as well.