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i like pokemon
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About half of them seem happy and kirby face at the end just beautiful
u cant make me
your still stuc in that comic so why should i listen to you
i hope you continue this comic in the future it was realy good so far its like a clifhanger waiting to be over and you just cant wait
September 1st, 2011
happy b day
dont quit
dont quit its an awsome comic and i wanna see what happens
ugggg!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! movie not movile it was actully gonna be bulbasuar
:D shiney pidgey won
rubbish at drawing and i always will be for a while im probably gonna keep saying this
wrong name
named it wrong :P meant to be called going to lab :P :p :P :P
still rubish at drawing :p
hehe first comic
ack im rubbish at drawing