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@memoryERROR-13: MAN my brother use to do that to me and it's like pLEASE NO!! He also use to put a pillow on my head and sit on it. I'm not sure how he and I are alive tbh lmfao!!
I really liked how this page came out the day I did it. I had a great art day the day I did this one.
:'D sold out omg..cry
I'm going to start updating again!! I've caught up some, but I will only post two pages a week vs. 5 now.
I had a good birthday. And a good Colossalcon and stuff, I'm hoping to really pump out Rebel Dogs stuff...

I'm so sorry for these old pages where I was experimenting with style...In the 290 - 300 range the style is more consistent and not sketchy.
@Alaura: Sadly, you are correct!
Sorry that the drawings just tend to change, I was experimenting, but future pages will be completed and like..yeh.
Until next time~ Enjoy.
After this I won't be able to update for awhile, because my patreons need to be spoiled since they pay...I don't want to catch up on here, I like to be PAGES ahead on there.

But yeah, happy birthday to me ahhh here!
@Kiyou: You'll just have to wait and seee!!
Here we go again.
@jnrnikki: Thank you so so so much
5 page sketch update for the weekend is hereeee.
Well, here's page one!
I'm just sorta going with this comic, sort of a bullshit comic...
BUT it will tie into Rebel Dogs I swear.

I am working on a new comic that focuses solely on a character that won't be in this comic until WAY later on. A lot of my friends like him, and I thought maybe they'd appreciate this if I worked on it.

My roommate happens to be so in love with him, she's cosplaying him for Colossalcon and I'm very honored...I hope everyone else will like him as well?
Side comic to Rebel Dogs -- This comic focuses solely on an electric wielding vampire named, Zimmuna (Zee for short.) He is a big part of the series, but very loved by many friends so I have decided to do a side comic that focuses on him, but ties into the story. Updates will be whenever -- and warning...he is a bad guy so there will be blood and cussing and all that good stuff.

Boy love?? He's a bit of a flirt to both sexes, but there isn't a lot of romance in this particular part of the story. I still will do my very best to make it enjoyable.
@Rei_: Thank you so much wehhh ;;
@Antaresia: I am, but I haven't updated that in awhile due to things getting like..overwhelming on my everyday. I wanted to upload nothing but finished colored pages on there. I'm a huge fail. OTL
That's it until next time. <3
Sketch update
Free readers are hardly satisfied I swear. I'm sad it ended too, but god I loved this comic and have re-read it over and over so. This ending was nice. Sudden, but nice. You did a good job beeb.
Sketch update weekend ! ; n ;