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oh noooooo
my heart...oh no...
I'm dying he's too cute Jamie omfg.
February 27th, 2016
Oh man what crawled up her butt lol!
This page is so pretty! I could stare at it all night!
I'll be at Katsucon too!! Ommmggg ;___;
Cant get enough of these two!
Man, bless this comic.
"Git in the fucking truck" omfggg I died laughing I dunno why
Your comic is amazing but please rest well and drink plenty fluids!! ;^;
Very interesting so far. I'm curious and excited to see where it goes.
I need to draw fannart of them tbh they are so cute judas priest
I gotta do fannart though holy crud. <3___<3
This is my favorite comic hands down...Ive been rereading it so many times like I did with the hotel one!!
Ti has such a cute face!!
I am so totally like this guy omg
Good job hun!! <3
I'm even more excited than I was before holy cow!!! Two updates!! I'm going to feel even more spoiled. lol!
I have the same weakness to kibbies <3