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b l a c k i e p a p e r
onward speaking....
- I am a Teenager
- Mentally standing im about 7
- I don't get called Ed Elric for nothing D<
- Im know for my affair with sugar
- Get called JAVA a shit ton!
- I have many fettish; lets just say im the
stereotypical girl who falls for the 'dark prince'
- Obsessed with the 'dark' such as spiders and bats
- Status = Taken (not my fangirls side tho /derp face)

U may PWN me at life but I OWN at art!

- Im a demon from hell (they didn't want me there)
- Im strange as shit and leave you confused
- they say i should be locked away, but with a face
so cute the don't have the heart!
- The computer is curious thing; im more open on it
then in real life!
- I hate anything that has paid its way to get liked
(ex. Disney endorsing Bands b/c there 'awesome')
- Im the nicest demon in the world! I don't have it in me to hurt a soul!
- Call me a nerd but my username is a spin off of a old
character from an epic game ;3 if you know your my best friend
Maybe that bench will remember to be more comfortable next time O ^ O
Because I love him!!
though I don't know why my comp ate the colors??
Derp Derp Derp
just working threw stuffz and consept....nothing special
....just wait till I get my laptop <3
and special penz <3
why must Haagenti be so 'Shmexii'
I too will fav it as well{just to spite you <3} maybe some reverse phycology would have worked in this situation! :D
Who's that pok-Angel!!!
I cannot find the sheet that has all there names on it but this is ?????el who has dominion (as a messenger of sorts) over hell; I myself was quite confused at first!! but it all works out for my comic idea -w-

this is prob. going to be the front page once digitalized <3 he is in effect the main-main char. as he is the one that make the snowball keep on rolling <3

.....I didn't trim it or re-size it because of all the glory that he is...and I already fucker-ed up on his neck
his nickname should be Mr.Giraffe
I cannot do lines right in Photoshop...unless I'm doing Chibi...and I suck at Chibi's being propotinate (for a chibi) haha <3
Koba and Anael up to something, but what!!

{Koba (c) to Jadetheschild}
This is by far one of my favorites and yet un-though of
angles yet, this is Iaoth an archangel who has the power to thwart demons (thus all the right-side-up pentagrams)
he is so adorable I love him, he frets over anything above G-rating but wears stripper gypsy like clothing >u>
Feniex is 'unfinished' as I am going to take this and digitalize it in photoshop <3
Anael being fondled by Koba and stripped by Feniex(sp) two of his favorite demons from hell

Azrael being mr only-G-rated-is-approved is freaking out over this display
Har Har
he's so adorable, I love my lil sex craved angel (who has an ever-weird relationship with Kobal, Peneix and Higenthie(sp) from Jadethschild
even if you come from different universes it's possible to fall in love; it gives a whole new meaning to 'long distance relationships'