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Hi my name is Layla! ^_^ I am a college student but my dream is to get my own storys made into an manga/anime. as u can c I love manga and anime but what most proud to c on this site is OEL manga keep up the good work! XD
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Ronald has suddenly found a wall. Who or what can be behind it? Stay tuned for next week's update!
sorry for it being alittle late it's finals week... but this is so exciting we finally getting into Ronald's head lol
yay it upload! ^_^
Sorry Guys Smackjeeves was down for while ^_^' here's page 3
Hi, My name is Layla and I'm the writer/creator of this comic. I hope you like it ^_^
yay! your back I love this manga
your manga is awesome!!! I love it u need to try and sell vol. 1 soon I'd buy it!! ^_^