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JUMPING JAHUZAFLAX! I have time to do this. No. Not realy. But ah well. Hello one and all. I am TheProjectCore

and theres the link to my youtube channel. I make sprite comics. But on this site. Im going to make a DIFFERENT SPRITE COMIC!

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    Core (Genta)
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What other name would you have called yourself? And are you okay with the nicknames people have given you?

What exactly is your job?


hehe... you almost died again. Okay no sorry for that but heres a quick question have you ever worked on a way to get the emeralds to not turn Sonic Super like some sort of machine?


Is your super speed an innate thing? Or is it the power of the rings? If its the latter what made you decide to pick up random rings on the ground while fighting Robutnik?

Never explained that ESP thing smart ass~

So what are the plans now? You gunna try and get with Sonic? Or you planning on doing something else? Or are you going to be one of those "Independent Cats that don't need no hedgehog"?
I read the alt text :3.

And hey I'm doing let's plays too :D. What a world we live in :D

You know I like you, your really nice. I think you should find a job of some sort and get some income. Settle down get a nice home for yourself. And give up on this crazy search for your mom, you dont need her anymore. Your an independant woman.

Speaking of ESP, how did you get that? And how come you havent tried rebuilding the future?

Are you to busy time traveling and acting like a smart ass?

Yeesh man calm down. I'm going off the knowledge of a video game.

Since your being a sarcastic asshole about. Another question.

How are you able to survive with all that SUPER FANTASTIC LAVA AROUND YOU? Hmm? Can you defy the laws of physics now Mr.Time Traveler?
@Sonia The Hedgehog

Hey! We barely see you, how you doin?


Blaze has a crush on Sonic, does this anger you?

You could always kill Sonic and cause an epic fight ya know?

@Better Fleetway Sonic

Damn it. Imma miss you. Normal Sonic is boring.


Hey! The power of love worked! Now go get your man girl!

That kiss... Should we be concerned? Are you going to do bad things to Sonic at night?
@ Super Sonic

So when you hurt Sonic, do you have any other dreams? Or is it that's it?


You doing anything about Super Sonic bro? Or you just sitting with your shippers.


So... Super Sonic has probably done some things with Blaze, how do you feel about this?

What exactly created the emeralds? I mean don't you think thats a bit strange that someone makes emeralds made out of CHAOS?

...So how are you? I mean like.... I know Super Sonic....

I do hope Super Sonic hasn't "done" anything... to you.

I love you Blaze dont hurt me :D

Hey Ames can you go like....IDK bonk Shadow or Knuckles on the head with your hammer and tell them to go stop you're crazy ex-boyfriend?
I think I've made a terrible mistake for poor Blaze D;

Welp moving on.

Knuckles: Is there a reason why the emeralds turn Sonic crazy but noone else? Or do we just chuck it up to Main Character Syndrome?