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First thing you should know about me:
I can't draw. At all. Really, I can't. I can't even draw stick figures.

Sooooo... Why am I here? To read, to comment, to rate, and to save my favorite comics. That is all.
Nope. I'm not crying. There's just a branch in my eye.
The facial expressions on this page have so much win... xD
He's so cute!! You now have a new fan xD
xD I was not expecting that at all...

EDIT: First comment. I can die feeling achieved now. -w-
*raping refresh button in hopes of next page*

Where did he gooo?? D:
It's almost over? Noooooo! D:
Hi there. *peeks out from rock* I just wanted to say I really like this comic and your art is just beautiful, even if you think you can't draw horses. I love it! *hugs and flees back to under rock*
I'm so excited! :3 Even though you told me like the whole plot on Friday night, I'M STILL EXCITED AND HANGING IN SUSPENSE!!! xD
September 1st, 2011
Poor Django D:
I WANT HIM!!! *leaves cookies in a path to my house* :3
Seems Totally Edible to Me...
I just discovered this comic today... I love it!! xD
*rapes refresh button for another page*
Them be fightin' reflexes xD
Yes, you.

You are a freaking genius. At 3am after just getting back from the Harry Potter premiere, these are hilarious. xD Keep it up!

Also: Comment virginity is mine!! >:D