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@Shuyin111: it was a quick sketch at first
KaitoShuno has been made into a new series called SeafoamDiary. If you want to follow, please go over to:
@princess_lom: Thank you, PrincessLom <3 Hopefully I'll push out more pages soon
@Hana chan: Hello Hana! And aww thank you so much, sweetie <3
Kaito and his cruel mind games are going to be the death of Shuno one day XD
only a little bit? pfft XD
yum~ =///=
@SquishyButtcheeks: Im pretty sure Kaito WAS a mean girl in his day ;___;
@MegaAnimeFreak7: not to my knowledge XD He's always been a little tanner compared to Kaito :)
4 legged spanish mambo...
sorry for the one page guys, ive been pretty ill due to all of this disgusting, crazy weather :'( plus loads of finals, depression and everything in between ;//-//; i promise ill try my best to update KxS sooner these days!

Love you all <3

(btw, ive been wondering if you guys wanted to do anything for a 5,000+ fan appreciation? Another "Q&A" or anything else?:D)
so...much...sexual tension XD
im pretty sure anyone who ends up with Shuno will never have to worry about being overweight XD
it's slang for oral sex =w=
@HarlequinLove: thats really weird. The only other way i can come up with is via pay pal, but i know you're having problems with that as well :(
Shuno's brain runs on sexual innuendos lol
@HarlequinLove: hmmm...Thats really weird o.o

Did you type in your credit card number correctly, or is it expired? Im really not sure what the problem may be :(
Kaito's "not having it" face XD
I will be uploading the pages one by one as i draw them ;)
@Eternal Cry: If you are using AOL, Yahoo, or Hotmail, they have different policies than gmail

Ill check up with others when i update again to see if anyone else had any issues :)