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I don't think I've seen anyone make this connection, but that's Cynthia, as in Angelica's doll from Rugrats, correct?
Great episode. I especially loved the "Look! In the next panel!" XD
On a side note, "vittles" is actually spelled "victuals." Don't know exactly how that works out...
Man, I wish you had more followers, because artistically this is one of my favorite nuzlockes.
*sigh* Electric types resist flying type moves, so Galvantula would recieve neutral damage if it was hit by one. Your worrying was all for naught.
The dex is pretty cool. And the egg idea is nifty. I wouldn't want to wait around for the sucker to hatch, though.
Also, the water gym leader in BW2 isn't black. Look at his feet. He actually just has an unnatural tan on top.
Joltik isn't weak against flying. Electric is resistant to it, so it comes out neutral damage. That said I'd probably evolve it before challenging the gym.
Yeah, definately Fire Emblem... Sacred Stones maybe? The only ones I've played are PoR, RD, and Shadow Dragon.
Also very nice with the lighting. Quite nice.
Why that's Seymour the Scientist, of course.
Scraggy bit was freaking awesome.
Saving the two best for last, are we?