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    Cam, Ash, and Norm
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sorry for the lack of updates guys!

In a nutshell myself and my husband recently bought a house so we are currently unpacking and all that fun stuff!
We are done The Saga Saga! I hope everyone enjoyed the first big story arc that the artist created!

Now back to our usual stuff
my answers
@Notorious D:
to answer your questions to the best of my abilities:
1) ks-like.aspx that is a link to an article about the cupcakes, the short version without too many spoilers: they sent three types of frosted cupcakes, A, B, and C. but no matter what cupcake you choose it has the same type of cake underneath meaning: no matter what ending you make happen in game, you are getting pretty much the same ending. hope that clears that up a little.

2)what they have impaled me on there in panel 3 is a "Dragons teeth". In the mass effect universe this is the apparatus used to create "husks" a "zombie"like creature in the mass effect mythos, I am well on my way to huskdom, thus what is happening to my arms...
@ShinigamiChuu: It'll make him show up 3 sequels from now!