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Bad Asp
Bad Asp here, huge fan of Survivor, Total Drama Island, and video games! And also Survivor Fan Characters... SWSU-Master rocks!
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    David DeLorenzo
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You can do it, Sid! Remember, Natalie had to survive most of the game without her twin sister Nadiya, and she ended up winning!

But then again, I guess it was easier for her, due to her not being a Siamese twin and all...
Ah, Nelson calling out a potential final four just after he gets voted off!

That's the same thing I did while playing Kotake in Survivor Silent Hill! Ah, memories...

Thing is, will the contestants whose first names begin with either C or S listen to Nelson's sage advice?
@JETTEJ: Ooh, so close!

But yeah, I'm just gonna end the suspense and say she's from the Legend of Zelda series.
@JETTEJ: It's one of 'em.
@Guest The game series as a whole recently celebrated its 25th anniversary. Her name and appearance could be a hint to where she resides.
She's mine, BTW.

I won't spoil much about her, but I will give you a hint... she represents a video game that was released early on this decade. Some of you might have played it!
This reminds me so much of Charlie and Taylor!
Squaria's still awesome tho. :3
Right now, it looks like the fire tribe is a HOT mess!

OMG Pablo found the Fire Talisman!

...The kid isn't even old enough to be allowed to play with matches yet! I wonder if he even knows of the talisman's effects... whatever they are.
I guess Xayla isn't winning this game, then! What a sick and twisted thing to do to someone!

R.I.P. Megumi's parents... you will be missed.
@Vilecheese There are so many seasons nowadays I keep getting them confused! X(
@Slicer I think it was Gary Hogeboom, aka the football player who didn't want people to know he was a football player. He used it on himself and got Bobby Jon eliminated a second time!
He'll give up his immunity necklace. Duh.
No! Not Koko! Now who are the edgicians going to root for?

In all honesty, Koko was an awesome character. She was probably the only one who could see through Mordecai's strategies, plus she's just so cute!

I'm rooting for Ibuki to go all the way... I hope she wins!
An immunity challenge in this season of Survivor isn't an immunity challenge unless Austin wins it!
Guess Ibuki's not the only one who can completely mess with the laws of physics!
Cherman makes every SFC comic cool!
You can never have too many Ibukis!