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February 1st, 2016
they ded
That's a shame they broke up. I find Jaq and Rudi's relationship rather amusing. Though I suppose Jaq now sees him as a threat/danger. How long had Rudi stayed there [assuming it was enough for Mallorie to be attached to him]?
I find this cute. I don't know why.
Sacrifice the magikarp!
Ace: Calm down! No one's going to eat you.
*Ace eating a piece of the cone*

Ahaha, very convincing Ace! QvQ
page 16?
Is this page 16, or is there a missing page? o_o
I really love this one shot and the message it gives. ;v;
Not to mention, I absolutely adored the designs of their outfits!
Simply Beautiful~
maybe you could have a job as a free lancer artist or maybe you can do commissions :D It's not a full job, but it's better than nothing :)
Love the style! Looking forward for more!
Andy didn't die, did he? QAQ
That portrait must be his whole family, right? Is the other boy his brother or friend?
I love this comic <3
A child randomly screaming and seeing nothing happening from a mother's point of view. Definitely not an abnormal trait.
February 13th, 2013
Found your comic, and I find both of them are quite interesting to read! I'm looking forward to both of them.
They better hide of his parents will find out.
Waking up in a room with a talking monkey right at your face is kind of creepy.
Not sure why
For some reason I think about the Chinese zodiacs when I see these kind of animals.
What a strange object!

Can't wait for more! : )
February 4th, 2013
I looks the colors in your comic! This looks promising to read! : )