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Awesome new avatar and if I said I was excited before I am just about to die from the suspence right now.
Aaaaaw, I like my concrete copies of stuff. QMQ

I think Watts might be worming up from the position of slightly cool to subtly awesome in my mind's order of characters in this book. I'd laugh if it was another Bonniface Watts he called who was all, who de hell be you?

And yay for random rereading of the archives to find that the page has updated by the time you're up to date!
Whenever I check my smackjeeves account to see what comics have updated RPS is one of the few I get super uber excited over. I reeeally hope that one day you decide to do a printed version of it, I'd buy i just because it's perfect. The characters develop, the pace is good. It has mystery, suspense, laughs, everything I could ever want in a book. This current arc has me sitting on the edge of my seat whenever I read it and I just want you to know that there are probably a lot of ninja watchers out there who are a) too lazy to get an account and b) too lazy to comment.
Is this it? The creation of the Mr. Friday we know? *0* IT'S SO EXCITING I COULD DIE!
Mask face. O_____O

I was going to ask how he can eat and then I resaw the feeding tubes that poke out of his neck.

But daaaaaamn.
I'm extremely glad that you decided to come back to the dark side and continue writing this comic! Its a story that has really stuck with me and I'm eagerly awaiting further updates!
This story is cool~ I like the sudden art change and am excited for the next update~

Ghost Town pointed that out.

"What a horrible thing to say in a hospital?"
OOOH. If your November the first is in American time (ie, a day behind where I live) then... THE NEW PART WILL BEGIN ON MY BIRTHDAY!!! (since my birthday is on Nov 2 but your posting it on effectively nov 2 here) YAY!!!
Oh no. Is his new hat foreshadowing something?
Comments for both this page and the last page, since I somehow missed the update orz.


Poor Sophia. When her husband started to become a freaking bird-demon thingy she should have guessed that Jack wasn't telling the whole truth.

And can I say that your art skills are amazing? I love your ability to use screen-tones (unlike me)
New reader here, and can I tell you how wonderful it is to see an update? I love your comic dearly and will definetly be commenting in the future. And do I see the near creation of our Mr Friday here? hohoho