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Hello! You can call me Yuuki or Yuyu.

I love to draw. My favorite color is yellow. If I could have a superpower it would be to be able to talk to animals.
I loooooooove Hayao Miyazaki films.

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"Go forth and shit"...Hahaha, I love the dialogue! C':
SORRY. This page is so late. I also hate it lots. :/
Wow, the storyline sounds really interesting. And your art is gorgeous! * A*
Your character designs are so cool! C:
Prettyyy. *_*
You have such an eye for color. <3
July 26th, 2008
Love that background!
@fishuu - Let's just say I don't want to go within two feet of a book right now. XD
@Lark - why yes, yes we are. 8D
@Chi - That's true...if you have lot of faves that update often, they could get bumped down and lost! O: I hadn't thought about that. Thanks for the input! :- )
@roeycleine - I adore new fans! xD; Thank you for reading+commenting. Thanks for the input! C:
@Kotori K - YESSS. That's exactly what I was trying to hint at with that last panel, but I wasn't sure if it worked out. Yayy, I'm happy someone picked up on it. x'D
THIS IS A TWO-PAGE UPDATE! There is a page behind this one.

A page wherein Fen is invited inside for a cup of tea and is forced to endure Luna's life story.

It's not-so-obvious, but they are inside the shop, which is, also not-so-obviously, a potions shop. I was going to draw things like newts and cauldrons (SOMEONE read too much Harry Potter. LOL AND the little witch's name is LUNA. I didn't even realize...! OTL) to indicate it was, but drawing this page was pretty grueling so I gave up. D:

OH! BTW, do you guys prefer that I...
1) upload pages as I finish them, or
2) wait until a certain day every week to post all the pages I had completed that week in a collective update?
July 24th, 2008
Wow, this is gorgeous! I look forward to following this story. *_*
I personally loved the vivid colors and the dialogue, which was very eloquent. C:
I really like how you played with the fonts and how you named the races using different languages.

*breathes* Sorry for the lengthy comment. xD;;;
That said, *faves*.
XD Fen is not impressed.

Part one of a two-page update. Enjoy, guys. C':
I love the third panel! The way you drew the hands is gorgeoussss! *_*
Ahaha, I love how it says "New Challenger Bailey". It's like one of those old school fighting games. *love*
July 22nd, 2008
Thanks guys! 8D

This is partly for bug, who wanted to see Fen's full outfit. Here you are. C:
Haha, he's so nonchalant. xD;
Sorry this took so long. v_v
Oh, I made a slight change to Fen's (the girl who's been on every page) outfit. Btw, does anyone know what exactly that dress thing is called? I'm content to call it a qipao-like thing for now, but I know that's not entirely accurate, and I don't want to say "loincloth" either. =_=

Thanks for all the comments, guys. They help keep me motivated. C:
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@bug -- Do you want to see it out of curiosity, or is my art making it confusing? >_<
Thanks for reading+commenting! :- ))
Smoke and hazy faces just aren't my forte. xD;;;

Comments are much appreciated! c:
Wow, great art! I love the movement in the last panel/picture! * A*
Comment Response
@Lark -- A brave soul! Thank you so much for commenting. You made my day yesterday. c:
By the way, your avatar is cutecutecute. : D