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heya!! you can call me contra. feel free to talk to me or ask for my discord or whatever! hope you have a good day <3
Sombre and Kristie are then able to recognize that Gooey can be trusted as a friend. After all, he made the choice to be good, himself. Sombre also confronts Kristie about all the secrets she kept. Kristie apologizes, recognizing that she could've handled the entire situation much better, but Sombre is quick to forgive.

However, Kristie still feels as if there will come a time that she'll sacrifice herself.
Kristie's shocked. Flabbergasted. That shouldn't have been possible. But... Kirby's more than the First Hero repackaged. He's more than the latest in a long line.

He's a hero of his own making.
In the end, a Spirit Star in the form of the Hero's Bonds forms.


oh nvm it got cheesy
Sacrifice? A Hero that sacrifices themself for the greater good is no hero. Gooey brings up Kirby's determination instead. How Kirby, no matter how bad things got, would always try to make things better. He would make the choice to keep going, and to keep fighting.
Kirby contemplates it for a moment, but Gooey's completely against it.
Kristie hesitates, but she explains that the rest of the First Hero was reborn into Kirby. That is why the first Spirit Star only revealed itself after Kirby found his willpower again, and why the second appeared before Ribbon.

If Kirby were to sacrifice himself, then...
The third Spirit Star is the Hero's Sacrifice, and will require Kristie to sacrifice herself. This is because she is not an angel because she is a past Hero, but because she was created from the remainder of the First Hero after they first perished.

All shocked, they barely have enough time to react. Kirby manages to stop Kristie, demanding that there must be another way.

yeah this escalates quickly. idk what little me was thinking
Meanwhile, Kristie reveals that she's been hiding something. The Spirit Stars are not normally possible to obtain. First, they require a specific location. Second, they require the presence of the First Hero.
Meta and Galacta finally have everything they need to summon Nova. They prepare for the summoning.
Meanwhile, the God of the Sun is talking to the Goddess of the Moon, who isn't missing... but... kidnapped? By the God of the Sun himself, no less. And he had been the one commanding the Sealed Army...
Kirby and Ribbon reminisce over their shared history. Kirby gets teased a bit about his old crush on Ribbon.

Ribbon also reveals that she's been searching for Kirby, to let him know that Dark Matter has returned. She has with her the second Spirit Star. It represents the Hero's Love, and she claims that it appeared before her as soon as she entered Popstar's atmosphere.

How convenient!


sorry about that random drought in updates! was away from my computer for a hot second, haha, but we should be back on track now!
Kirby and company end up moving on to finding the second Spirit Star. When they encounter Ribbon getting attacked by members of the Sealed Army, they jump into action, fending them off. Ribbon is happy to see Kirby again, and the feeling is mutual, while Sombre and Kristie both realize that the bronto burt they met earlier was not a bronto burt, but a fairy.

Meta wonders if he'll want to say goodbye to Galacta.
Meanwhile, Meta and Galacta continue their journey through the cosmos, growing closer and closer. Galacta brings up the fact that, once they wish for the Seal to return, Galacta's gonna have to go back to being sealed, too.

Meta questions if that's what Galacta really wants. Galacta simply considers it a choice between being a good guy and being a bad guy. If they don't get the Seal back, the rest of the Sealed Army's gonna cause a lot of problems.
Sombre, hearing this, can only offer some idle comfort. He explains that, although he was a Hero before, he never wanted to be. He was forced into the job, constantly rescuing Dreamland from foes and their kin.
So, with that knowledge... Kirby is making his own choices. It's his willingness to be a hero that makes him a better Hero than someone like Sombre.

Kirby does manage to feel just a bit better, hearing that. The first Spirit Star reveals, which represents the Hero's Will, reveals itself, and is claimed.
Gooey, fed up, decides that enough is enough, and demands to know what's got Kirby in a knot. Kirby explains that he's simply unsure of how to feel about his own heroism, now. Especially if it was all decided for him.

Kirby had thought that his decision to be a hero was his own, but knowing now that he's simply part of a long line... what does that mean for his own autonomy and agency?
They engage in battle, and the members of the Sealed Army are eventually forced to retreat.

However, Kirby's missteps made in battle nearly got him killed.
Kirby, Gooey, Sombre, and Kristie are travelling up and down some mountains, searching for the first Spirit Star. When they finally manage to find it, they're confronted by members of the Sealed Army.
They begin travelling, primarily through flying, although Kirby seems a bit downtrodden. Every attempt to discuss it is deflected, however.
Meanwhile, Kirby, Gooey, Sombre, and Kristie discuss possible plans of action. Kristie seems to be very deadset on scouring Popstar for something known as Spirit Stars. She explains that they're aspects of the First Hero that, when combined, will create something useful, with all the vagueness that comes with a statement like that.

With no other possible plans, Kirby seems okay with it. Gooey is fine with whatever Kirby's fine with. Sombre, however, continues to be suspicious of Kristie.