whoa if you're reading this that must mean you're actually interested in me! too bad i'm not all that interesting

my skype's carbonation_contradiction and i'm down to make friends yo
oh yeah kirby was about to meet a mysterious guest wasn't he
it's probably super obvious who it is lmao
mystery dungeon? mysterious, dungeons
after fifteen pages of people being Friends, it's now time for people being Mad

@ethanpotato: it comes with the territory of being the god of negativity i guess

@BestBuilder101: ah, these guys are actually all fan characters, haha. like the profile says, this comic features a few fcs! the next page ends this scene, and we'll be moving back to kirby and friends :)

@BestBuilder101: oh, of course! feel free to PM me your character!
oh hell yeah, it's Colour Time
the screaming has bumped up this character from regular relatable to mega relatable
obviously, Even More Characters is the clear next step for this webcomic

@collaborational: the most relatable

@ethanpotato: eh, they're not worried about intruders
i'm alex the door is my responsibilities and obligations and ayaka is my life
kristie's just teasing in the third panel, she's not actually mad

@BestBuilder101: oooooOOOOHHHHHHH

@ethanpotato: i'd still prefer no failures at all, personally
scarfies terrified me as a kid

@BestBuilder101: thank you for understanding my pain......

@ethanpotato: it's already too late for kristie. she died.
i've always wanted to meet kirby too. i'd like for him to eviscerate me from existence

@BestBuilder101: Thank you so much!! I'm glad you're planning on sticking with it to the end, it's really motivating and kind!

@ethanpotato: like, SUPER pink, dude
having a plan b is planning for failure, mk, you absolute loser
yeah whatever jerkbag but which one of you is naked? huh?
mmmm looks tasty
barely warranted scene change time!!
sure as hell wasn't me, i say, as i immediately fall back asleep

(absolutely loving the comic so far!!!)
ughhh i'm really sorry for this, not only has it been like forever since the last update but it's also.. this... even worse garbage than the previous pages. i wish i could keep up with full (still messy) colouring but i'm a piece of garbage. sorry. first of all, huge thanks to everyone who bothered to stick around, but i'd definitely understand if anyone wanted to drop this comic with this quality drop.

sorry again but uh re: the comic, who could this mysterious guest be!?!?

@ethanpotato: kirby rolled a nat 20

@WiispNightmare: >:3
hey here's a dumb crappy comic i made that's a redraw of this. i'm sorry
so miitopia's pretty fun

i don't wanna spam this place with my miitopia doodles so here's a tumblr post with all of them compiled

copy paste link: a-and-my-ocs-lmao
bad guy meeting bad guys only

kirby don't interact
this is AMAZING i'm in love it's all so intense and in your face and it's GREAT