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heya!! you can call me contra. feel free to talk to me or ask for my discord or whatever! hope you have a good day <3
and that wraps up the second chapter! thanks for reading up to this point <3!
lesbian activity
fun fact, you can spot the baker's son in this page! he's the one with the identical hair to her because i can't design families lol
cynthia's too busy doing skits all the time to take NOTES in CLASS. ridiculous. who does that
(please do that)
isaiah has become catholic

i shrank the font a bit, i dunno if it's too small? if anyone's got thoughts, lmk!
i dunno how hard it is to mess up a cookie but i make the rules here

that hiatus was longer than i wanted it to be, but i should be back on track now!
heyo readers (all 7 or 12 or smth of you idk but either way i love yall)!! sorry about the missed updates (and the reused image, ugh), but life's been a bit hectic lately! i plan on getting back into the swing of things soon enough, but i just wanted to apologize again

i'm expecting to get back to regular updates in a little less than a week, or a week at most! in the meanwhile, here's to reiterating the fact that, yes, cynthia's fursona is 100% a horse.

thanks again for reading my silly webcomic about some dumb teenagers, stay cool! B)
chris doesn't think it's entirely true that cynthia caused all the time-wasting but he's also pissed off so
there were two flies in case one of them died before cynthia opened up her coin purse. don't ask what plan was in place for if both of them died you don't wanna know
what's the exchange rate on flies to the canadian dollar again
*cynthia voice* where did this coin purse come from, you ask? it was the ace up my sleeve all along! also it was very uncomfortable
@Syogren: cynthia would sooner die than refuse any call to adventure
after acting, cynthia's favourite creative outlet is drawing!
but... what was he truly the best at...
isaiah wastes a lot of paper because they throw out lightbulb posters whenever cynthia's ideas suck

cameos from syogren and julia!
this story's REAL genre is actually thriller mystery suspense and cynthia will be fridged for the rest of it
So, this has been long overdue.

First off, I want to say to anyone who's still here, thank you, from the bottom of my heart. I wish I could do more for the people who've stuck around with this silly fancomic, whether it was since 2012 or since yesterday.

And I also want to apologize. I'm afraid I simply do not have the passion for this story that I did when I first conceptualized it when I was younger. However, it still is a story that has been with me for an incredibly long time, so I don't want to leave any loose threads hanging.

I will be writing up a complete summary of everything that I had planned for this comic, from beginning to end. I will compile the summary with appropriate drawings, and begin posting them here, in segments. I can't say when the summary will be complete, but, with absolute certainty, this /will/ happen.

Whether these segments get uploaded as they're completed, or at a consistent pace when they're /all/ done is something I am currently unsure of, if you have any thoughts, please let me know!

There probably aren't very many of you guys left, if any, which I understand. Creating a complete summary with drawings is for myself, too. I want closure.

If you're reading this, whether you started reading this comic today or years ago, thank you so much. If you enjoy my work, I'm currently working on another (original) webcomic here. I have an OC art blog here, as well. I think that's everything I had to shill, haha.

In any case, making this announcement image made me remember how much fun it was to draw these guys. I'm looking forward to working on this again! Even if it's not in the same way as before. I hope you'll enjoy, too.

That's all for this announcement. Again, thank you!
sad that it's over, glad that it happened! thank you for making such a lovely comic, and good luck with your other projects!
chris uses he/him pronouns! and with that, that's all the characters that're on the title page! (cynthia twin/clone/cardboard cutout not confirmed)
just caught up, really enjoying it so far!! love the art, mystery, and intrigue... looking forward to more!