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Woah if you're reading this that must mean you're actually interested in me! Yay, friendly friendly friendly friend good times, yeah?

Well, I like Ace Attorney, Fire Emblem, Pokemon, Kirby, Nintendo in general, anime, reading, eating and stuff like that

i'm an improving artist i guess?? idrk i'm not that great but i like to think i'm getting better so hi

wait what's this omfg a deviantart account have fun with that i guess

my skype's carbonation_contradiction , add me if you wanna talk ps i'm socially awkward i don't know how to communicate with others well also if you're gonna add me be sure to tell me who you are!!

i am a trash can i am made up of garbage

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Dump of Many PeopleSeeking Co-Authors
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Kirby Dream TeamSeeking Co-Authors
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Love HarborSeeking Co-Authors
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Mafia gameSeeking Co-Authors
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Serious TimesSeeking Co-Authors
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A Question Of Character
Last Update: 3 Days Ago Fans: 269 # Comics: 2628
Void Misadventures
Last Update: 5 Days Ago Fans: 58 # Comics: 264
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Kirby's Moonlight
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Kirby: Massive Maniacs
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Last Update: Never Fans: 13 # Comics: 0

Recent Comments

Comment on #19 - Storytime Part 3 of Luigi's Astonishing Adventure
contradiction123, 30 Jul 2014 09:00 pm
luigi is petrified
Comment on Ryan: Sleep of Voidstuck
contradiction123, 29 Jul 2014 02:43 pm
Comment on A Preview of SparkStory
contradiction123, 26 Jul 2014 11:09 pm
@DaBrokor: don't forget about the existence of the remote link urls
Comment on Chapter One Page 6 of Crystal Quest
contradiction123, 26 Jul 2014 08:25 pm
blade is going to have ragrets

nice comic you got here :> +fav
Comment on Candy, Gum, Offscreen Sodas, a Japan Import and a Rubber Duck of Dump of Many People
contradiction123, 26 Jul 2014 06:34 pm
@hippo986: dude what he did was add the comma not remove it
Comment on Blizzard Aurora of Dump of Many People
contradiction123, 26 Jul 2014 06:33 pm
that guy is for sure going to fall off the mountain

nice drawing
Comment on Kirby FCs of Dump of Many People
contradiction123, 26 Jul 2014 04:02 pm
@plasma_knight303: STOP THIS MUTINY

Comment on Kirby FCs of Dump of Many People
contradiction123, 26 Jul 2014 03:52 pm
thank you ecaroh and blizzard :)

@Sapar: wasn't planning on it bruh

@plasma_knight303: shhhhh shhh shh
Comment on Kirby FCs of Dump of Many People
contradiction123, 26 Jul 2014 04:37 am
these are (ALMOST) all of my Kirby FCs. There's an entire group of characters (at least 7) that're missing from this supposed-to-be list of ALL of my Kirby FCs, but they need to be redesigned first soooo...

right now it's not very many so even though NO ONE gives a sh*t i'm sure i'll be running through them, left to right:

Carbon: MY very first author-sona, and also my very first sprite. She is no longer any representative of me, and is currently her own character. She needs a lot of developing, as she currently lacks a personality and proper backstory.

Samual: He's a guy, that's for sure. He's one of my few characters that manages to have relations to nearly all of my FCs, through the means of convoluted backstory.

Alex: ROBOT-MAN. Hmm. Doesn't he seem somewhat similar to another one of my FCs..?

Naso: This guy is the first kirby character i made with a tuft of hair ha ha ha ha ha HA HA HA HA HA HA HA
also he has a sword isn't that cool??? he's like the hero of time
anyway he's kind of like a comically serious guy, i'd like to think
also he comes packaged with tragic past

Sombre: The main angel of Kirby's Moonlight! He's like.... a hard-worker guy. responsible. manly. I initially thought of him to be like a character who just pretends to be mature and a hard-worker, but then it kinda evolved into him ACTUALLY being a hard-worker and mature

Kristie: The fun character! She's just a light-hearted character! She won't be having much fun eventually though, and that light heart of hers may be problematic...

Ruby: WOAH HETEROCHROMIA. Ruby is one of my older FCs. Fun story, she was once called Copper, before getting her name changed to Ruby, then to Luna, then getting finalized at Ruby. She likes flying around fast! Well, hopefully she'll be able to fly again.

Sarah: A guardian of the Underworld. She's kind of a shy and perpetually nervous girl. She's really attached to her brother! Hm.. Maybe a bit too much..?

Astrum: Hey, the God of Stars! What's he up to? Being the boring leader type. Out of all the Gods in Kirby's Moonlight, this guy has shown up the most. also he has my favourite design

Auta: The Goddess of LUUUURV (and also hate, but she doesn't like to advertise that part). She has a very pink design, doesn't she? i'm not really too much of a fan of it, but it suits her

Sapph: The Goddess of POSITIVITY. she is POSITIVE and has YET to SHOW any PERSONALITY. she's your typical hyperactive character. But, there's a reason to her hyperactivity...

Apollo: The God of NEGATIVITY. personally he's my favourite out of all the Gods and Goddesses. he's very blue, because he is BLOO and being BLEU is COOL.

Moon Goddess and Sun Goddess: oh yes, these guys have designs alright. bUT YOU OWN't BE SEEING THEM

Olivia: who dis

Copper: OH HELLO. Another of my old FCs! He's basically blind, but his hat is ~*~*~MAGIC~*~*~ so he can see through the eyes of others. also his tails are really stronk. he was once called Ruby.

Luna: initially she was kirby's rival, and had.... like .... a really weird and stupid backstory it was stupid and i will not be discussing it further.
she was once called Ruby.

Au and Du: these guys are supposed to be like a weird mirror version of each other and stuff. idk i haven't finalized their story an shit yet hue hue hue

Wheelie: a wheelie. that's slightly BLEU

Susi: A waddle dee. i'm am a cat that loves to snooze

Mari: A waddle doo. she could go for some lasaga
Comment on => of Voidstuck
contradiction123, 25 Jul 2014 11:21 pm
this ain't a scene

it's a god damn arms race

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