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Whoa if you're reading this that must mean you're actually interested in me! too bad i'm not all that interesting

i'm an improving artist i guess, my drawings are still mediocre at best but i'm tryiiinggg

my skype's carbonation_contradiction and i'm down to make friends yo

My Webcomics

Green Eggs and SpamSeeking Co-Authors
Last Update: Yesterday Fans: 48 # Comics: 424
Love HarborSeeking Co-Authors
Last Update: 5 Days Ago Fans: 65 # Comics: 434
Dump of Many People
Last Update: 24 Days Ago Fans: 94 # Comics: 1034
Void Misadventures
Last Update: 1 Month Ago Fans: 73 # Comics: 307
Serious TimesSeeking Co-Authors
Last Update: 2 Months Ago Fans: 161 # Comics: 399
Author Hotel Comic
Last Update: Completed Fans: 42 # Comics: 141
Concord and Cliches
Last Update: 11 Months Ago Fans: 82 # Comics: 10
Kirby's Moonlight
Last Update: 1 Year Ago Fans: 65 # Comics: 10
Right, Left, Up, Down: A Choose Your Own Adventure
Last Update: 2 Years Ago Fans: 20 # Comics: 4

Recent Comments

Comment on Infested Treant: Pumpkin (Aiden) of Dump of Many People
contradiction123, 02 Sep 2016 11:16 am
yoooo this looks so cool
Comment on YO YO YO YOYOYOYOOO of Dump of Many People
contradiction123, 02 Sep 2016 11:16 am
wow!! he's so good
Comment on Mail Yoshi of Nashew's Art Gallery
contradiction123, 29 Aug 2016 10:16 am
i'd trust him with the most important mail
Comment on Chapter Ten Page 6 of Crystal Quest
contradiction123, 23 Aug 2016 10:28 am
"you hurt my feelings so much, you jerks!!"
Comment on Cherry Reference of Void Misadventures
contradiction123, 16 Aug 2016 04:48 pm
what a cutie!!
Comment on Pixel Squad of Void Misadventures
contradiction123, 16 Aug 2016 04:48 pm
i love you legs the kirby
Comment on Toad's Adventure to Hell Demo (RPG Maker VX Ace) of Dump of Many People
contradiction123, 15 Aug 2016 04:59 pm
i'm so happy this makes me so happy
Comment on 33 - Mirror, Mirror of The World of Kirby
contradiction123, 15 Aug 2016 04:58 pm
magic mirror: no prob bob
Comment on Azure of Void Misadventures
contradiction123, 05 Aug 2016 12:21 pm
what a cutie!! i'll change all the appropriate things on the head banner when i have my good laptop that works with my tablet
Comment on Crash Landing Pg. 4 of Wishing on Crossed Stars
contradiction123, 30 Jul 2016 12:38 pm
jfc bolt you gotta wait

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