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whoa if you're reading this that must mean you're actually interested in me! too bad i'm not all that interesting

my skype's carbonation_contradiction and i'm down to make friends yo
why, that's the BEST alucard!
i'm like a chihuahua too, i'm small, constantly shaking with anger, i have big bulging eyes,
so uh.... not gonna bother any readers still here with excuses, just gonna say that i'm really sorry for the inactivity. here's to hoping i can pick up the pace once more! again, i'm sorry.

anyways uhhhhhhh what is kirby not??? sure is a mystery
this is some real sherlock holmesing going tf on!!!!!!
why don't i get a closer look at you with my nonexistent eyeballs
will galactic nova make an actual appearance?? who knows............. (i knows)
meta knight's just being dismissive in the last panel

@BestBuilder101: :>

@ethanpotato: that's just how he is
kirby hugging kracko....... gives me Life
oh god it's exposition time don't bother me i'm already asleep

@BestBuilder101: :>

@ethanpotato: you don't need to know what's going on to beat up evil

@Chendra Limiarja: >:3c
have you seen my son
it's galacta knight!!! to absolutely nobody's surprise

@ethanpotato: that's fair too, experiencing life is all so individualistic

@BestBuilder101: i'm glad you enjoyed that! :>
ayaka's dead this comic is cancelled
oh yeah kirby was about to meet a mysterious guest wasn't he
it's probably super obvious who it is lmao
mystery dungeon? mysterious, dungeons
after fifteen pages of people being Friends, it's now time for people being Mad

@ethanpotato: it comes with the territory of being the god of negativity i guess

@BestBuilder101: ah, these guys are actually all fan characters, haha. like the profile says, this comic features a few fcs! the next page ends this scene, and we'll be moving back to kirby and friends :)

@BestBuilder101: oh, of course! feel free to PM me your character!
oh hell yeah, it's Colour Time
the screaming has bumped up this character from regular relatable to mega relatable
obviously, Even More Characters is the clear next step for this webcomic

@collaborational: the most relatable

@ethanpotato: eh, they're not worried about intruders
i'm alex the door is my responsibilities and obligations and ayaka is my life