Whoa if you're reading this that must mean you're actually interested in me! too bad i'm not all that interesting

i'm an improving artist i guess, my drawings are still mediocre at best but i'm tryiiinggg

my skype's carbonation_contradiction and i'm down to make friends yo
kirby you are so great i love you so much
goodbye kirby we knew you well, perhaps too well
popstar is not really the most peaceful place to live

(the digital art looks really nice!!)
carbon's the perfect scarecrow
i would die for you gastly
*angry mint son voice* TCH.
yo! i made that news post about how i would be updating this again with a reboot a few months ago but... alas, i am a Garbage Human Being

buuut here's a preview of what the first new page will be!! i've already set up a whole separate page specifically for the old pages, and most of the comments that there were, but i dunno if it would be better to just leave the old pages in the comic itself, so if anyone has anything to say about that, feel free to say so! thanks!

anyways, this beginning part will be mostly the same, but i'll be cutting a few scenes to make the pacing faster, because i really genuinely want to finish this comic, and i'll risk losing motivation if i continue with the slow pacing that's currently going on so that's the main reason for the reboot! i know i said this would be the last final time and i won't promise that this time will be the last restart either, but i know for sure that i really do want to finish Kirby's Moonlight, so i'll do my best!! thank you to everyone who stuck with me for all this time, whether you were old or new readers. i'm really sorry, but, still, thank you!
legs and arms are last so they'll be the ones winning, not-gigi
this is so cute i'm dying
i love this so much i'm crying
arms the kirby is my favourite kirby
kayem, leo, and drake are the angry boys
*squish squish*
alexini's really freaked out
hell yeah
wow!! he's so good
i'd trust him with the most important mail
"you hurt my feelings so much, you jerks!!"