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Chapter 2
This chapter features:

- Sonia
- Manic
- Muffins!!
Amazing comic - loved it 'til the end!
I understand Fruitloop, I mean, sometimes you just have to throw people out of windows before they make you go nuts!
This is the first time I've seen a car in any Pokemon comic EVER.

Btw, great comic/art/colouring/plot, I'm so hooked!!
This comic is so good! Glad I came accross it ^^
Just read the whole comic - it is so fun to read and original! +fav
End of Chapter 1~
Hi :) Thanks for the comments. Luff u <3
Best page ever, ahahahha~ This comic is better than I expected, you have lots of creativity and a great sense of humour! The plot develops smoothly, and characters are well-built (I like how you characterized Knuckles the most) Awesome!
I decided to upload earlier because why the hell not. I have lots of pages to upload anyways~

So yeah, that's the beginning of Sonic 2006 I guess? Haha~
@ElantheFox: Nice to see you around, Elan! You're really one of the Deviants that I'll always remember, and I feel really happy that you remember me as well ^^ Nice to see you still love this old thing~ *hugs*
OMG, It's been a while since I last came to this website, and the first thing I did was checking this comic <3 It was so nice to see you are still uploading it ah, I love all the characters! Looking forward to more amazing pages <3 (And omg Mr. Downbeat, so cute~)
Future plans:
I closed my DA account, and by popular demand, I am uploading my old Sonic comic here.

I am planning on finishing it. Until that moment, you'll have a new page each week!

Thank you a lot for all your support, DeviantArtists! I'll never forget you ^^ *hugs*
@Meldazzar: Glad you discovered it, then! ^^

Thanks a lot for your support!

And my native language is Spanish - I'm from Spain. Sorry for the mistakes while writing in English, I do my best, but sometimes I can't avoid them ^^;
Wowww where can a Woman get the new "Sexy Sex" issue around here? X'D

Whatever, Im a new fan of your comic! Please keep being awesome <3
@AlphuhBoi: ^0^ Thanks for reading!
Thanks a lot for your support! Cute Silver and Blaze kids for you~~
Really beautiful, moving story. Trully enjoyed it! Thanks a lot for sharing!
This is the page that makes the banner work lol
JESUS CHRIST don't leave it here x'DDDDDDDDDd I laughed my ass off ;D

Clegg must be the coolest captain ever ahaha