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Tiny, caffeine-addict working on a little story called Soldier Heart. The catchphrase for my life has become "WEBCOMICS ARE HARD!"

I've been drawing for as long as I can remember, but I don't remember getting into webcomics until about 9 years ago when I started reading one called Wicked Alchemy, which was (unfortunately) taken offline when the artist passed away.
My first attempt at creating a webcomic was in 2004 and it only lasted about two pages, haha. This time around, I've had these characters floating around in my head for longer than I've been reading webcomics, and I feel like the time for their story is now.

Other things I like to do are bake, dabble with piano, and write.
"How big can the file be?" i asked myself. "They're all going to be in uniform, so maybe that'll cut back on how many layers I'm using"

(tablet starts freezing up and acting funny hours and hours into coloring)
And it looks like we're back! We have some new faces here. Otto and Anette are in panel one, and I gave a tiny sneak peak of them here on my art blog. The woman that Etienne is speaking with in panel 2 will make herself known a bit later in the chapter.

I forgot how long comic pages take.
Not a comic page, BUT...
This is a nice cover page for Volume One! I first started this image in 2011, I think (or 2012--I often confuse memories between 2010-2012)? And I didn't actually finish it until last year. Past!me kept putting it off because of all the buildings in the background, and it's still far from perfect, but I'm thrilled that I finally finished it.

Comic pages are incoming though.
February 16th, 2014
@Charil: AAH HELLO THERE O: Keep as many eyes as you want on it! :333 Many eyes, in fact.
February 10th, 2014
I'm sure that conversation could've gone a LOT better! :V
November 12th, 2012
Note to self: don't attend all-day typography events on comic-drawing days. It was fun, but completely fucked my entire sleeping schedule up.
One more page, then we get to the *actual* memorial scene.
Hope everyone had a great Halloween! Mine was pretty fun, except I've been sick.

We're back on schedule, now.


Also, totally a surprising thing for her to hide if you have never seen anything I've drawn of her ever in my deviantART gallery or, you know... EVER. A scar? GASP. BUT WHY

Sorry for my sass, it's like five AM here and I'm delirious+sick of looking at this page sooo ENJOY
October 14th, 2012
Damn, son.

I figure this is a good time to say it: in the future, if there are going to be pages that will have triggering content, I will put up a warning beforehand. Soldier Heart isn't a happy story.

In the case of this conversation, nothing bad is going to happen. Nonetheless, this is a pretty tense situation to be in, so I thought now would be a good time for a heads up for the future when things start to get heavier.
Oh boy.
Etienne is about to say some stuff that took me like 6 tries to sound right. When I first wrote this page, I think it might have been around... 2010, maybe? Or maybe even EARLY 2011. The dialogue has changed a lot since then, and after an experience I had in 2011, I think I was finally feeling the right kind of emotion to put into his words. I just hope that it is sufficient.
Bluh bluh
I think this will end up being one of those pages I will most definitely re-draw in the future, along with page 2.
Last page of the summer
Song of the moment: Etienne by Tori Amos.

Yes, the Etienne that was named back on page 9. He was named long before I heard the Tori Amos song, so when I discovered that she had written a song with his name I listened to it... and strange, I think it describes these two perfectly.

Additionally, I noticed that I had not dropped Mac's mom's name in the beginning. Whoops! I've finally revealed her name here, though.

I also took a bunch of screenshots while I was working on this page to put together some kind of WIP progress thing. I'll put that up on the site later this week, if anyone is interested.

In other news, I'm starting school again on the 24th. I'm not a full-time student, but I will be doing some stuff with the student activities office and some volunteering during the week. I imagine this shouldn't disrupt my comic schedule too much, but if it does, it's because school comes first!

Lastly, I had a huge spike in visitors to the site recently. Where'd you guys come from? :D
Scene change!
This was an exciting page for me to draw! Mainly because it's a scene change that I was a bit nervous to draw at first since my plan was to improve the way I draw exterior and interior shots, but I think the results turned out pretty alright.

Also, it's introducing a new character. Hurrah!

ALSO, this was the first page where I used the square brushes for the lineart, and I think it looks better. I'm able to get lineart done just a bit faster with these square brushes because the lines look a lot crisper and smoother if I get 'em drawn right on the first try... before, I used the regular circle brushes and I loathed doing the lineart.

I also made the panel edges black, mainly because the sun is starting to set on Doran. It seemed fitting. I'm looking forward to messing around with the panel borders on future pages.
Thoughts about this page
Man, I don't know what it was about this page, but I would open the file to work on it and just... feel this dread. I did not want to work on this one for no discernible reason. What got me to push through the apathy was remembering when I was at school with a terrible cold a few months ago and feeling like dropping whatever else I had that day to go home and sleep. Instead, I went up to this woman that works in the office that I was hanging out in and said "Heeellppp I need motivation!"

She replied "Well, you've come to the right place!" and proceeded to give me some really, really kind words. She also found a bag of green tea that she gave to me, and that was a godsend. It was so comforting.

I remember that now whenever I need to work on something that needs to get done!
I might go back and tweak Mac's mom's expression in the last panel later. I feel like it was more effectively sad in the sketch.

There is a good explanation for that.

When I started the comic, I was working on a computer that was about 9 years old, and it ran really slowly. I was in the middle of working on this page several months ago when it was supposed to be completed, but eventually Photoshop was running way too slow for me to actually work. I could not get anything done.

Eventually, the computer crashed but we have a new one, and so it's back to work! I'm quite excited to be working on this again... this was drawn back in March or whenever this was supposed to go up, but I look at it now and think their faces look weird. Go figure.

Also, happy birthday to Mac! More details are in the site news.
Don't worry Mac--I'm sure he's probably sweating bullets in his important business meetings wishing he could abscond and catch the next train home!
Haha, this page is basically lifted directly from my own life. I'm easily startled, and it's to a point where my mom and (sometimes) my aunt make a noise (like a "tchtchtch" kind of sound) before entering a room. It's not sharp enough to startle me too much, and it alerts me to their presence so if they say something I don't jump 10 feet out of my skin.

Anyway, oh goodness I'm pleased with how this page turned out!
Aww, embarrassing nicknames from mothers~

Hugging is complicated.

There isn't much else to say about this page.
The last time I was uploading this I was gloating and going "HAHAHAHA IT'S STILL SUNDAY ON THE WEST COAST!" but then I saw some changes I wanted to make to the page, which took quite a bit of time because of having to re-open the file and get 'em changed... an ordeal that has lasted half an hour for just a couple simple changes. My 10 year old computer doesn't like huge files.

This coloring technique is one I like better but when I got to the shading, the computer started lagging and each save probably took 10 minutes to finally finish.

Nonetheless, here is the page! We finally got a name in--Say hi to Mac everybody!