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What to write, what to write.... o3o well I like to draw manga and anime, i like yaoi/BL, and my fave anime/manga is deathnote and junjou romantica. Although I haven't yet the confidence to post any of my drawings yet, I'm sort of a perfectionist. X3 so I can pick out everything wrong with my comic and drawings and it makes me not want to put anything up OTL besides that I love to write stories (for my comics or not.) I am usually hyper and I try not to be mean in a comment, hopefully I haven't oAo i have a violent mind but not many people IRL know that. -3- technically there is not much to me.
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Death the kid: *arches an eyebrow* Hey. Can I shoot them now?
Liz: let's wait its just getting interesting...
*gun goes off and both of them tople over. *
Kid: Oops. My fingers slipped. *voice dripping with unenthusiastic sarcasm * T_T
Me: yayyy! Kid shot aki's jerk parents! :3 good job kid. *thumbs up*
Kid: yeah. *the reaper looks slightly unamused but he's smiling slightly*
@FallenNight: I was thinking the same thing- either that or he might have a personality disorder. Or I could be wrong. It could be that.
Guy in the stall next to them: - oh god oh god oh god what are they doing what is happening- I don't even- ;A; meeehh...
Me: I love you brain. XD
aww aki.. I want you to go back so you can feel accepted again. ;A; Kaidou must be worried sick and irritated and-fuuu- D: Kaidou hurry up and find himm!!!
@tangyskittles: ikr D:< My words exactly WHAT THE HELL!
I know everyone's worried about the time lapse but poor aki has a huge scar from where that ass scartched him! D':<
IT WILL NOOOOOTTTT END LIKE THISS D: Aki has to be alive... it cant end here... right? ;A; RIGHT?!?!
OMG WTH D:< GO TO THE 8TH LEVEL OF HELL YOU ASSHAT! NO ONE DOES THAT TO AKI AND LIVES!! kaidou im sure all of the fans agree you now have our premission to kick this immature dick's ass so hard so hard he will never be able to sit again. then kill him. >:I 'nuff said.
lol dont let the creeper blow you up :3
haha! best page XD i love dami's expression! ;A;
I found this today and absolutly love it! X3 Its an intresting plot and i love the characters personalities! :D i cant wait to see how the story develops so please update soon ;A;
Listening to a song i sorta think goes with it :3 "Spies" by coldplay >w<
Yayyy! this made my day to see that you've updated! TT^TT i was waiting on this comic to put out new pages X3 Hope you update soon ;A; i cant wait to see what happens >w<
you shouldn't of done that.
Last panel: when you see it... you'll shit bricks. O_e ( I didn't notice it at first xD )
yayyyyyyyyy!!! yer not dead =^^=
i love that you updated! GET HIM SHUNO RIP HIS FREAKING HEAD OFF! DD:<
XD Noooo! now after that extra story i forgot about what had just recently happened in the chapter before this one! imma go read it again =w= yayy.
Faith. definatly.