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drawing,reading,listening to music,& cosplaying
"pokes diary" ..... "pokes agian" 'OW!' O-O'' >.> <.< oh that was the t.v. .... oh well
I just realized janus is like the male version of me he even looks like me, that's kinda creepy, how did i miss that?
August 15th, 2012
@xNOVAx: I share your pain, but i think you did a good job owo'
gah, i love mew owo'
suspense owo;
adorable "saves to random folder"
@Kynim: 7 and 8 , I used another computer to make sure o.e'
chocolate is so cute owo
awesome! owo
i can't see most of the extra pages o.e'
i love how most people are saying they haven't seen N like this, I've always seen him as my crazy stalker guy xD

btw if you play as a guy his words in the Ferris wheel are slightly more uh.. passionate then if you are a girl o.e''
my cat does this, and she eats my food D=<
I like the name of the comic , reminds me of doctor who lol
I never thought the big bad wolf was evil owo he's too fluffy