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I'll be posting the first chapter of my graphic novel on here soon!

My name is Danielle Coiro, and I would like to welcome you to my world! Take off yer top hats and bonnets and have a cup of hot chocolate. Trust me, you'll be needing it if you're going to read this thing.

As for myself, I am a born again Christian artist, who strives to use my art to bring joy to both God, and the people around me. That includes you, so the fact that you're reading this really means the world to me. Thank you. Now, if you're not going to drink that hot chocolate I'll just ... take it. We cool? Cool.
I'm frightened ._.
Please be nice, Dracula.

I'm so glad to see a new post!
Just sayin' thanks for such a great read so far! (And thanks for keeping it clean. My little sister adores it!)
So cute! He's such a sweetheart =3
The first two panels were a little confusing (I thought there were two Iggys and Timmys Looking up from the ground XDD)
Woohooo!! Glad to see ya!
He is so adorable <3
Oops. I think that's a sensitive subject, Timmy XDD

Love it XD
I really like how your villains are as unique as your heroes. That's something a lot of stories lack =D
YES! The story is taking shape!
D:> Don't give up, Tim!
I think I'm in love.
I'll be your BFFFF, Timmy! <3