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hey, I'm joy, a person who has stuff to put on the pages but no talent to do so... my youtube account is samarakittenINC, and my D.A is ihavemace. I love the countryside, animals, tea, queing, trying to spell queing, banging my head off the keyboard hoping that the random letters may give me a clue on how to spell que. And drawing, suprise suprise.
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    Joy Naomi Ramsay
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I have mace
February 11th, 2015
*meatloaf plays in the distance*
SOOOO mega excited to hear about this! I literally only began reading paradox after you'd finished it, so sorta pumped right now! :)
I have mace
December 10th, 2014
what a saucy lad!
My shits-going-down senses are tingling...
Is that subtle irony I detect in this page??
I have mace
August 10th, 2014
My heart...
it breaks for dis page...
Yer a wizard, Badger!
the feels... I has them...
was I the only one humming 'cruella de ville' as Oolong's mother sashayed away? best expressions by the way! :D
Not sure if he really hates Blue Blazer, or loves it so much he has to put the book away before it distracts him any further...
YAY!! The cupdates are getting cuter and cuter each time <3
@JammyScribbler: That was the exact quote that ran through my mind when I read this page XD
Hello mildly familiar figure...
ORIGIN STORIES!!! Lovin' it!
The feelz... I has them all...
I like the idea of any book anywhere. It would mean whilst looking for one in particular, you'd find plenty more you may not have thought of.