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@The_mad_one: like that one episode of KND where number 4 gets trapped with the crazy cat lady.
@qazox: yep, that lass. the only one on that path on the game that was easily avoidable
Didn't name mine Speary. I named mine Sir Speary, funny thing though... when i traded em over to 2nd gen Sir Speary was a female. Love the look of this chapter already from the cover and this page.
omg, that reaction face in panel four *erupts in laughter thinking what he's thinking*
@Blitzn'Burst: pikachu learned fly and flew away. got knocked out of the gym by the onix.
i have this Urking feeling that Samsol is about to do something drastic to save him. If i'm wrong he summons a higher being. *throws logic out the window*
someone hold me, i'm scared of this crazy woman.
@Ice_Wolf23: remember, they are in Kanto and pokemon can't "Hold" items. BTW amazing page here~
from what I see in this page. The no name b!tch has really been after Josh this entire time. She saw how he loved Nakay and wanted that for herself and thought 'If i can only take his place.' Though i feel Josh will either leave this extra an empty shell of himself or dead. Just my opinion if it even matters~
Atty look great in glasses. BTW George could be playing on an old Game and Watch maybe with the Mario games.
I now wonder if Mordecai has a good friend called Rigby *slapped*
i think my brain melted at that ADORABLE PIKACHU!
Something To think about Atty. I beet Brock, when he was Gym Leader there, with a pikachu (aka Rat Thing).
dont think i've said this yet. Why do i think of Toph every page i see him.
The page that launched 1000 shippings
Ah, i remember him, he was one of the most annoying people in the game ever
on the next episode of "Intervention"
why do i see Scythers comic ending up like the show "Intervention" BTW awesome faces.
PokeMask: How can you even see through your mask?
Atty: How many packs did you go through for this chapter?
George: You still after a pikachu? I have plenty that i can loan you for 5000 poke'dollars.
Person who ran over that pidgy in chapter two: Why did you run over that pidgy..... it did nothing you you! oh and whats your name?
December 5th, 2011
ah, he has a thing for her *giggles* or he knows she will really hurt him
Beautiful Carnage *squeeee* my day has been made