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@ toon link
I'm starting to wonder if failest is a word :p ......Girrrrrrrl
get reid of yoshi
he never updates so dont sum other ppl
give credit next time
give credit to the person who made those sprites
remember all you did was recolor
not edited
YAY but for how long
teh world may neva know
Remember dark nut
we are all here to get fans and with a crap boring banner
we wont get any views
i like this banner with characters
he eats him
love it
currunt banner is boring
this is how thw banner should be in my opinion

feel free to share thoughts
lmfao it took me a couple of minute to get the joke but it was funny
Sonic next gen was ass
colors was ok..

but sonic next gen was pure ass
new looksd horrible and fat lol.
old for sure
I like it
i looks good

try making the full body
Ms Paint
Photoshop is the best
but until i get it
piant.NET is the best alternetive
i will never use ms paint lol bad program
I wont be suprised
if ther is a nuke and they r still safe in the zone
My comic is up again and what were the wormy's running from
i deleted my comic its like well...
you have good idea's what do you think
Love your comic i fav
My comic is about mecha sonic destroying sonics friends for revenge but sonic tells shadow before he fights mecha to take care for tails and ...youll see what happens thx for being my first fan

btw WOrms RUles