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The funniest part about this all is how he WANTS HER to hate him just so she'll go away, this is genius xD
More supernaturalists at: ^^
looks like she has the real supervillain initiative
You can find more here!:
his helmet....xD
the first chapter has begun!

The story Follows the bizarre adventures of the supernaturalists (A combination of Specialist and supernatural) A group devoted to investigating’ solving and dealing occult activity. Be it world devouring cosmic horrors, eldritch abominations’ nightmarish creatures’ demonic warlocks or your friendly neighborhood vampire. Your problem solved or your money back, not guaranteed.
ORDER OF THE STICK! nice shout out <3
I'm really enjoying this. its so unique! i like the idea of monster protagonist instead of the overused humans and beautiful elves >->
Like how this looks so far, it has quite a bit of promise! sounds like it'll be a crazy ride X3