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Hobbies: Art, reading, writing, raiding the mall, W.O.W. (I know I'm a nerd..), scaring strangers, hugging hobos, yelling at trees, watching anime

Occupation: Student

Likes: I love my hobbies, junk food, soccer, wrestling, my cat Tobey, yaoi & yuri

Dislikes: Too many things to write...
  • Real Name
    Just call me Hana
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No, that is not pubic hair, I just messed up on her crotch, I promise o -o
Okay so I don't like this pairing
But I was in detention so this is what you get :I
This is after the sunkists and six coffees and I went into a caffiene coma sleeping for about a day and a half :I
Starting a bunch of one shots :3
Wadya think?
Okay :O
I gotta admit, me and mah buddy colaberated on this one and I have to admit I. Am. In love.
I hate how she came out...
Gah. her body is so out of proportion it pisses me off so much....
Sketchy sketchy
Meh i dun like it but whatevs
So very small...
That's what she said.
Don't tell me you didn't see that coming ;P
Don't expect much
It's terribly simple, I have yet to add shading and a background yet. Haha... yeah
@qazox: Hell yes we do
Or maybe that's just me...
+ q+
*senses a threeway*
okay not really, but I can always dream = w=
Urusai Hana
December 30th, 2011
Such a sexy beast
I <3 how you draw
Urusai Hana
December 30th, 2011
Holy sheet...
+ U+
That's awesome~!
Demon OC for a chick who asked for it
I can't believe I'm writing this...
It's such a weird comment but...
I love her teeth, so cool!
+ o+;
* ^*;
Why you so pretty Oasis?!?
It makes it so hard to hate you when I know I must....
TT 7 TT;
My inner yaoi fan girl screams: "SHUNO KICK HER ASS!!!!!"
My inner romantic side says: "Yes!" -sparkly eyes-
Urusai Hana
December 24th, 2011
Shit just got real
*hides in a box*
~Can I get a hot tub?!~
Slam dunk!
(/ > o<)/