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I never thought Praxis would end up blushing. XD
*gulps air and does a happy dance* Finally~
This is amazing! Every aspect~
But i'll be honest. The bird is my favorite.
I've been wondering about this myself!
Yes. Yes that is exactly what they are doing. Ooooh the naivete.
You know, I was convinced their reunion would happen one of two ways; one, they ((or Tommy mostly)) would be giant goofballs and hug and hug and hug and probably cry.
And two. Someone hits someone.
Guess I wasn't wrong, was I? XD
I can't decide who my favorite of these new three are, but they're hilarious! "I'm standing in people?!?!" XD
October 13th, 2012
Eye spy an adam's apple! first....I thought the flashlights were eyes and I was like "Oh no! A monster!" And then I realized there were shadowy figures. XD
XD Love the facial, it.
So many interesting designs for the different aliens! It's wonderful to see an artist that goes all the way on backgrounds like these, so many artists are lazy ((me included! lol)) with the big crowd scenes. :) love love love!
OHMIGAWD ITS COMICCO- Oh wait. No it isn't. XD
Honestly, that's what popped into my head when seeing this. very nicely done on this page, and all the pages. Can't wait to ream more!
NOOOOOOOO!!! Can his wife get shot too? Please? OMG whats going to happen to the little boy? Is he there with them? PLEASE DONT KILL HIM! *sobs hysterically*
I liked the cell shading better. :) Go for it. :)
I really hope Jack pulled some super ninja move and only got shot in the leg or something....or managed to shoot the other guy....he's the guy I love to hate! He can't die!
Happy Birthday!
Happy birthday! I've been reading since the beginning, but have only now figured out how to comment (I'm retarded...). Anyway. Your style is lovely, the story is interesting enough to keep me hooked, and the art is great! I love that you do this in watercolors. Its beautiful. Aaaaaand though this page is kind of ...painful, I guees? Lol....I like it. I didn't know what to picture when the pain part was coming.