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my name is kirby i like pageboys and silly things
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i'm hopefully not the only one who used to play this nightmarish game on back in tha day:

god it freaked me out so bad

and yet i kept playing it

all the time
every time ez goes for the liquor cabinet

it's because of peter
ez you don't even know your own sister?? shame on you
oh look an update

/beats the fourth wall into submission
we were all surprised too ez

also there's a good reason why he doesn't know his own brothers age. a reason that will be explained.

katelyn drew peter and ez
peter and ez have other siblings as well. they're not as important, though, but here's a comic featuring their little sister veronica anyway.
peter you're creepy stop it
omg they were the cutest little spider kids ever!! even when doing creepy blood rituals
gosh peter

woops ez's vest stripes disappeared

oh well
here's a picture to make up for the uncolored update

enjoy i guess
i didnt get to color this because it was late and i cant save things on my damn expired sai

also my photoshop is old and terrible

so please enjoy this lineart
this what happens when you bust into a man's home and refuse to stop hugging him
that slug is such a gentlemen i cant even handle it omg
i love him
peter no thats not how personal space works
wow this page is pretty terrible but im posting it anyway woop woop
peter how old are you jesus

peter you stubborn little bastard
real life craneflies terrify me but i like mr. crane!! scapegrace is cool too THEYRE ALL COOL
i write the best dialogue