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I absolutely love reading and playing soccer! I'm getting into writing and drawing in my free time too since I've recently started homeschooling. I enjoy sports,the beach,anything outdoorsy really,Minecraft, playing my cello, singing, watching youtube vid, KPOP, my cat...etc.

I'll have to say my fav books are HP, White Oleanders, LotR, Enchantment, DofP,and PJatO. I'll have to say that my fav mangas are FMA and then Skip Beat and quite possibly, Naruto. I also enjoy bakeing and cooking meat!
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Ooh yay!!!*excitement*
Yes, when a guys major crush is blushing over another guy..Beer Pong is the answer!
Beautifully done as always! Dez better make things better ;) Kae will be fine..right?
Miikkaaa <33 Itll be alright in the end,don't worry... right? RIGHT?!
"It's called prison."

Ya worst friend ever xD omg hilarious..
Your drawings surpasses my exspectaions eachtime. Hope all goes well, even if I have a feeling that Kae isn't okay.
Atleast eric gets the 'eccentric' sea prince in the end ;)
Aww Maria, good job being blunt XD
Deep man. Just deep. Mika finally found his muse :)
Thats right RUN. Cause he is totally waiting..right ?? D:
Lol, Condoms :P

Cheese cake!! Nice Carter...
Seems I got lucky! Finding this comic right when the hiatus ended ;)

Very cute comic you have! Can't wait for more!
<3 Woman do look badass in Uniforms
I DO have a VERY short hair cut that I LOVE!! Sure Ive been mistaken for a guy and I get a good laugh. DON'T LISTEN TO THEM SHORT HAIR IS AWESOME! My mom loves it and my dad doesnt know since he's outta state. Do it girl!
ooh! Haha! Classic start to a Uchiha Corp SxN! Love it! Can't wait to see how things play out :3
Loving your comic! Great artwork and storyline. :3 Victor is being so cute and shy~ But I'm glad he has a bud to get him moveing so he can get somewhere with his crush!~
Loved the whole comic! Nice artwork and cute storyline! It seems to have been about a year so I guess this a good time to stalk you >:3
"Aww come on, don't tell me it doesn't turn you on, Honey."

XD best page ever!
Love your art, love the setting, love the whole thing.

I guess now I have a thing for this pairing too.. :P