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I'm a bit of a ditz, but I enjoy talking with and meeting new people so please feel free to talk to me sometime!
I've been reading Far-Out-Mantic since the early chapters.

I really loved the story. The style was different, the transitions were lovely, and the atmosphere and color style and changes really added to the whole experience.

I am sad to see a series I followed so dearly end, but I believe you wrapped it up rather nicely. I hope to see more works from you soon, as I really enjoyed this story.

Pfffghghghg Nozmo I hope you remember me. I BET YOU DOOOO~

I really loved this comic * U * I was so used to all your whimsical, full length comics, that I was extremely surprised and happy to see a short by you.

It was really well done. I loved the pacing and how you used expression and backgrounds together to add to the moods and intensity of each scene.

Seriously, great work. You definitely deserved that finalist position <3
Your comic is so adorable and very absorbing!

Great characters : ) <3

This page made me yawn.

= U = <3
Hnggg I love this comic, and I love these two together! C:

I love this comic. <3333
Only 301?! This comic deserves thousands!
I looked too fast and thought she was holding a rolling pin, so it was like: WAIT. Todd's afraid of ROLLING PINS! DOES THIS MEAN HE ALSO HAS A FEAR OF BAKED GOODS?
Yup. Fourth panel is definitely one of my most favorites in this entire comic so far.
I'm excited! It looks like a great comic.

Can't wait to see more <3
Ohhh. She said "save the king and my daughter" but she didn't include herself in that mix.

She's gonna get eaateeennn~
January 9th, 2009
Aww, that was so sweet of your friend! Their so cute!

I hope you get the firefox thing fixed. I've never had the problem so I'm really not sure how to fix it.
Aww I really like the style! -watches comic-

: >
Nozmo you're so totally awesome ;3;

It's so nice to see Alternate on the top of my update list again!

Merry Christmas baby ; v ; <3
Aww, I love it so far. It's so cute and the style is great.

I smell trouble~!
Okay...Mr. Felix is my hero.


I...I'm even a big enough nerd to be chosen to be "English Student of the Month". My face is on the wall D:
...Or not...

Yeah, I believe I am going to do some mad fanart now.
It's either Viagra/Enlargement Supplements or an email telling me I won the Irish Lottery...and there was that one time where a "Mr. Popo" emailed me...but we'll just forget about that one.
Oh my god, three page update = VERY YES.

<33 Love it. Can't wait to see more. XDD

I think the random rainbow barfing guy is TOTALLY character section worthy. Also, strategically placed cloud. He deserves it for the service he provides.
"Ha ha SUCKER."