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I have to pee, like, so badly.

Why are you even here?
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Your handwriting is so elegant though! OuO~

Mine looks like squiggly crap. T_T
:DDD Awww. I'm sure that will go super well with Grey!

XD And, Grey, hun, I know how you feel. I latch onto anyone when I'm without my friends.
@martina313: :D!! Thank you!~
That panel five... I mean, your art is always amazing, but that present Dami? Shit, that's beautiful.
W-would you mind if I draw him like that? I won't post it online or anything, I just want the practice ;_;
Raine, stop him! We don't need June getting expelled again! Plus Juney doesn't need to be involved with all this violence. :c
Is.... Is that the woman who gave Mint the scars from love?

;-; my poor minty
That second panel <3

So loving your art style, Semi.
It's okay! School is mucky after all.

And I love how in Finn's mind jumping off a bridge and riding on Jake to the bottom of the bridge is basically the same thing.
XD DORY! Don't make him! His love for you is decreasing! AND HE'S STILL SORE!

XD But man, that bottom panel thing made me laugh so hard. AH, man, I'm so happy right now~
It IS slightly easier, but I liked it when you wrote in the words better. :)

And that charred skeleton man makes me happy. So. Happy.
XD Oh, Grey, I love you. And Treven, you idiot, you were just a distraction. You have been used!
If I sneezed up a bullet I'd be all, "...Well, that's gross." and throw it away as if nothing happened. XD

He's not going to do that though, eh?
@Pixiesmooch: L-last page? Ah, well, I'm too hooked to this comic to stop reading! So bring it!
Those won't be appearing in my nightmares anytime soon.. Heh.. No... Not... Not at all. XD
Dammmmn, he better be glad he took that deal and is not on the street, cuz who can resist him looking like that?!

Oh, Dami, you look so hot looking like a chick.
XD Dory seems much too smug. Smugger than normal.

Did Dami dream about their sexy times? Did he talk about it?

I hope he did. That'd be awesome.

...That's happened to me, though. I mean, I've never had sex, but I had several dreams about having it. And I talk in my sleep.

Those were some awkward mornings.
I'd pick Raine! June would start annoying me after awhile, anyway. :)
XD I'm surprised Dami answered so honestly.

I wouldn't have. Which means I wouldn't be treated like a lady.

.....So, good job, Dami, you answered well. XD
XD Made me blush like a little school girl (which I am, but not the point) but I loved it.

Brought ah smile to mah face, it did. :)
*drools over last panel* Oh, da-yum, Dami, you look SO adorable!!