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I enjoy drawing, writing, rping and singing. I'm hoping to find more well-drawn, non-BL/Yaoi comics and make some to help the BL/Yaoi:Other Comics ratio.

Because there's enough BL/Yaoi on here to choke a rapid BL/yaoi fangirl.
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    Ozella Hatter
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I have never shipped pokemon until I read this nuzlocke. Darnit.
WOAH you two are REALLY CUTE!

I bet you would have very attractive children together omg
how can nobody realize that that is a potion???
I was wondering when a lady was gonna show up!
owl is so cute he looks so tired too
abububu <3
Husband has a really cute cartoon style. XD
This is why my cats do all the time...
George, aren't you like 10?

Dragon thing you are too cute. Giving Atty what look like nuzzles on the cheek. <3
Happy Birthday! <3

George, you're such a lonely girl. :c I understand your pain.
Gosh guys
he's going back for the backpack AND George.
If there's not George, the love triangle falls apart!
... I ship them. That tagline made me giggle so hard. /shot
Fffff, shipshipshipshipshipppp...
Uh, for fapping, duuuh!
Girls masturbate too gaiz.
" Caterpie Caterpie shoots white string from its mouth at the opponent, tying them up. Caterpie can also shoot it from its rear end to hang from trees."
-Bulbapedia ( )

(first comment!)

Does the coffee place you guys go to do the same with cocoa? And if so, can /I/ go to your coffee place? O vO
Guys, Pikachu's in his pokeball~~

I love you Georgey. <3
I originally thought Thad was Gary.

This Metapod is gonna evolve soon, obviously! That's why it's got two bumps. e ve