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I have many ideas for comics... but I think I underestimated the difficulty in making one? That isn't gonna stop me... but it definitely has slowed me. ;A;
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OH ho ho ho! <3
You're art is lovely as ever. *happy sigh* I love your coloring.
December 28th, 2015
This is a terrible place to leave us! Haha! I can't wait for the next up date I NEED TO KNOW WHAT HAPPENS!!!
November 26th, 2015
Haha! I love his face in the last panel!!
November 26th, 2015
Heyyyy! I'm glad to see you back! This is lovely page! Ah! <3
I seriously cannot wait for these updates! :D <3
November 8th, 2015
I've been really neglectful of reading this comic cause I got busy with life but-BUT! My birthday was the 10th of Sept and this was posted on the 19th and that is mY BOY AND HE LOOKS LOVELY IN YOUR STYLE I'M GLAD YOU COULD USE HIM HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO ME!
*ahem* Sorry about that, I just, was quite surprised to see that, and then *sigh* I love your art and this story and I've really missed it/you. :)
*sigh* I love this comic so much! The art is all pretty and the characters are so wonderful and complicated, and their feelings and layers!!! LOVE!
I can appreciate the oh so hot pages but you really kill me! You're author's comments and the hover texts, and even this page! You are hilarious and talented and i can never get enough of your work, so thanks! haha. Also good luck with everything! hope you enjoy being a graduate!! its gotta be nice! :)
August 21st, 2013
Oooo. A brother huh? I wanna know everything! Haha.
Do you know how much i love this comic!? Its lovely and amazing and gets my blood pumping! Also Shuno really does look like shit... haha. Poor guy has gotta be exhausted!
August 21st, 2013
Hah, I love this comic. Its sorta fantastic!!! :D
Wooo!!! I'm so so excited to see this back!! :D
*sigh* I really love this comic! Its beautiful nd I absolutely love the characters and the stories being told.
Your comics make me want to scream!? Do you know that? Haha. And the screams are for different reasons but reasons all the same! I can't handle it! I just bought KAE 2 and I'm pumped to read it but its been awhile since I've read the first one so I gotta go back and do that! And its great, it really is but what I really want to get my hands on TEN 2! All the waiting is torture (of the best kind). But torture all the same!!

Also congrats on your guest appearance on J-Mag Online!! That's really awesome and you totally deserve it! <3
Ahhh!! I can't wait! Oh man! Ohman!!
Sadd facceee!! Those poor people, and his face for not being able to save them!! Also can we talk about how gross that river of blood and body parts is? Like ew, bro! Idk how they didn't vomit! Ha. I'll be glad when they get off this island tho! Its a death trap!
Okay! I love everything about this comic! Like I don't think you even know!! You without fail make me laugh with their expressions and just ahh! Isamu's siblings are kinda fantastic! :D They are so super cute and it begs the question, why is he a delinquent? Is it just cause? Rebel without a cause?
Ahhh this has been lovely! I really couldn't press next fast enough! I absolutely cant wait to read more!
*sigh* I really do love this comic to bits!!
Ugh! I need more immediately! This was an awful place to stop!

MM I really love this comic, and your boys, and your art ah! It all combines to make a lovely experience. :)